Friday, December 29, 2017

2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Torch Relay Continues in Daegu and Joins Bell Ringing Ceremony

2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Torch Relay Continues in Daegu and Joins Bell Ringing Ceremony

The light started from Greece has traveled all the way to Korea and finally it’s time to travel throughout landmarks of Daegu! Starting from this morning, many torch runners including Daegu citizens have completed marking their light along Keimyeong University to Duryu Outdoor Concert Hall! If you have missed it today, make sure you check out the rest!

The very last destination of the torch will be at the Gukchaebosang Memorial Park where Bell Ringing Ceremony 2017 will be held.

Here is the full itinerary of the relay in Daegu! Friday schedule is done and two more days to go! If you are traveling by car during the weekend, please note that the traffic in the area will be suspended when the torch passes through.

12.29 Friday, 10:26-18:30
Keimyeong Uni.[Seongseo](10:26) → Entrance of SeongsoIC (11:08) → Jujeon Intersection(11:20) → Haksan Park 3-way intersection(11:47) → Wolseong Intersection(12:02) → Joam Intersection(12:20) → Jincheon Intersection(12:38) → Seongdang Intersection(14:41) → Apsan Intersection(15:11) → Hyeonchung-ro → SamgakjiIntersection(15:29) → Naedang Intersection(16:09) → Bisan Intersection(16;27) → Gukchaebosang-ro → Seo-gu Office (16:45) → Seo-daegu Industrial Complex Intersection(17:12) → Waryong-ro→ Jukjeon Intersection(17:45) → Duryu ntersection(18:18) → Duryu Outdoor Concert Hall(18:30)

12.30 Saturday, 09:04-18:30
Duryu Outdoor Concert Hall(09:04) → Duryu Intersection(09:16) → Sinnam Intersection(09:52) → Keimyeong Intersection(10:07) → MyeongdeokIntersection(10:16) → Nam-gu cheong Intersection(10:40) → Jungdonggyo bridge(10:58) → Manchon Intersection(12:22) → Daegu Bank Intersection(13:04) → Dongseong School Intersection(13:13) → Gungjeon Mansion 3-way intersection(13:28) → Doosan 5-way Intersection(13:43) → Yongji Intersection(14:45) → Gyeonggijang Intersection(15:42) → Siji High School Intersection(16:15)→ Sinmae ntersection(16:33) → Gomo-ro → Hyomok Intersection(18:00)→ Dongdaegu Station(18:30)

12.31 Sunday, 09:04-18:30
Ansim Station(10:41) → Banyawol Intersection(11:17) → Banyawol 3-way intersection(13:03) → Ayang-gyo Bridge crossroad(14:18) → Keungogae 5-way intersection (14:33) → Bokhyeon 5-way intersection(15:06)→ Kyungdaegyo crossroad(15:53) → Obong 5-way intersection(16:17) → Buk-gu cheong Intersection(16:26) → Daegu Station Northern Intersection (16:53)→ Dalseong Intersection(17:17) → Sinnam Intersection(17:38) → Gyesan 5-way intersection(17:44) → Nammun Intersection(17:56) → Banwoldang (18:05) → Jungangro → Daegu City Hall (18:25)

Public Transportation

Public transportation will also run for an extended hour from tonight to the weekend so that you can enjoy the Bell Ringing Ceremony and get home by bus or subway. The extended hour applies to the following 5 buses: Geubhang(Express) 1, Geubhang(Express) 2, Geubhang(Express) 3, Geubhang(Express) 5, Geubhang(Express) 6. Depending on the bus and direction, the last bus will come into downtown around 00:30(some around 23:30) on December 29 and 30. On December 31, last bus arrives into downtown around 1:30 or 23:30. 

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