Friday, September 1, 2017

Korea’s Hidden Temple: Welcome to the world of Buddhist art @Yongyeonsa Temple

Make your visit before the rest of us do
Yongyeonsa Temple

Peace and quietness. Regardless of your religion, being at a temple often brings you those two things for you. Buddha’s lesson to not cling to material things seems to resonate through the area. Being in nature is also healing itself. Not to mention, temples are simply beautiful. They have mural paintings and sculptures inside and outside.

Built in the 1400's, Yongyeonsa Temple is well-known among Buddhists for they have one of 5 Buddha's bone parts called "Sari." When you take a visit to the temple, try checking inside of every building and go over every side of its exterior. One crucial reason I recommend this temple is that you can appreciate its paintings and sculptures up close and it is where you can linger at one spot without having to worry about another tourist. 

Sure Korea has a splendid list of temples which you can explore artistic aspect of. However, many on the list are too well-known to appreciate the vibe and art to the fullest.

Yongyeonsa Temple
─  Address: 260, Yongyeonsa-gil, Okpo-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
─  Address(KR): 대구 달성군 옥포면 용연사길 260 

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