Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Why Daegu is the Chimac Mecca

Why Daegu is the Chimac Mecca

Have you heard 일인일닭(il in il dak)? which means one chicken for one person. Korean people just can’t get enough when it comes to chicken, especially fried ones. But why, among all other major cities, has Daegu become the mecca for Chimac? Let’s figure it out.

# Korean chicken industry started in Daegu.

We actually have a historical background to earn our nickname, “Chimac Mecca.” After the Korean War, chicken industry started in Daegu as a part of effort to provide nutritious meal to people.

Not surprisingly, many of the most famous chicken franchises in the country originated in Daegu and Gyeongbuk! Mexican chicken, Kyochon chicken, Ddang Ddang chicken, and Daegu chickens to name a few.

Looking at these pictures might be a little torturing at this hour. As you can imagine, Daegu Chicken brands have a variety of flavors and textures.

Over 3,000 chicken restaurants are running, so you will be able to find a couple of chickens that will love. If you are looking for chewy one in particular, check fried chicken gizzards at Pyeonghwa Market!

 #2 Daegu is Such a Great Place to Eat Chicken.

If you have spent a summer in Daegu, you are probably nodding right now. Chickens tastes amazing wherever you eat it: home, restaurant, bar or you name it. It doesn’t actually matter when it comes to eating a nice deep-fried chicken.

However, if you haven’t tried having a chicken outside like Kolon Open Air Music Hall. I eagerly recommend you to do so! During the day under shades or at night, chicken tastes so much better outside. Kolon Open Air Music Hall is the hot spot every season except winter. The Arc and Daegu Stadium are also getting popular and popular.

#3 The Annual Daegu Chimac Festivals.

Daegu really knows how to celebrate. Since 2013, Daegu has celebrated Chimac as a cultural event. Chicken, beer, concerts, and so many events happen during the festival. If you are looking for an exciting summer festival, this is a must-go. This year the festival starts on July 19 continues through 23.

Chimac got viral with an episode from a Korean hit TV show, My Love From the Star. Thanks to many Korean dramas, Chimac could become an iconic festival of Korea.
Chimac Festival is on bucket lists for a lot of people across the country and foreign tourists. Two weeks are ahead and you might want to double check your bucket list for this summer.

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