Best Hiking Routes Anybody Can Enjoy in Daegu, Korea!

Best Hiking Routes Anybody Can Enjoy in Korea!
Best Hiking Routes Anybody Can Enjoy in Korea! 

Fall is a good season for hiking.
There are many hiking routes that anybody can enjoy in Daegu's famous mountains from the Mt. Palgong to Mt. Apsan and Mt. Biseul representing Daegu!
We recommend the hiking paths in Daegu, Korea for your fall hiking.

Mountain Palgong

Palgong Mountain, the famous Mountain in Yeoungnam area, has been also known as Jungak or Buak. There various hiking routes in Palgong Mountain, which is filled with attractions that include Korean bronzeware museum, camping site and the temple descending from the Silla dynasty. With total of 10 hiking paths, the maximum duration is 2 hours and 30 minutes. We introduce a few good courses to hike for leisure among them.

1. Donghwa district
- Cable car hiking path 
  Tapgol information desk → Kkalttap gogae=top of cable car  Dongbong (3.4km, 2hrs)
- Sutaegol hiking path 
  Sutaegol information desk  Ambeok Rock  Cheoltop Intersection – Dongbong (3.4km, 2hrs 30mins) 
2. Pagye district 
- Pagyesa hiking path 
  Pageysa  Pagyejae  Pagyebong (2.6km, 1hr 30min)
3. Gatbawi district 
- Gatbawi hiking path 
  Gatbawi information desk  Kwanamsa Kwanbong (2km, 1hr)

Mountain Apsan

Namsan and Apsan, located in the Nam-gu, Daegu, are good places for beginners to hike.
The entrance to hiking path is within the city so it is good hiking for leisure on weekends.

1. Yongdugol Valley Entrance → Sport facilities → Mt. Sansung (3km)
2. Yongdu bangcheon  Yongdutoseong (Mt. Fortress)  Mt. Sansung (4.4km)
3. Gosangol Valley Entrance  Beopjangsa Temple  Mt. Sansung (3.2km)
4. Mt. Sansung Entrance  Korea Communication base station  Mt. Sansung (4.3km)
5. Keungol Valley Entrance  Daedeok Rest Area  Mt. Apsan (3.2km)
6. Chunghontap Tower  Cheonsujeong Mineral Spring  Mt. Apsan (3.8km)
7. Anjiranggol Valley Entrance  Mt. Apsan Observatory  Mt. Apsan (2.5km)
8. Anjiranggol Valley Entrance  Anilsa Temple  Mt. Daedeok (3.2km)
9. Mejagol Valley Entrance  Sport facilities  Mt. Daedeok (2.4km)
10. Dalbigol Administration Office → Wongisa Temple  Mt. Apsan (2.6km)

Mountain Biseul

Daegu Mt. Biseul is a mountain located in the south of Daegu that is named for its resemblance to Ascetic playing Geomungo(Korean musical instrument with six strings). Especially in spring, many people visit Yongyeonsa Temple which is famous for cherry blossom pathway. Fall sceneries are magnificent as well. Stress will go away as you hike along the fallen leaves. 

1. Biseulsan Natural Forest Resort  Biseulsan Mount Top (2hrs 30 mins)
2. Biseulsan Natural Forest Resort  Korean Rosebay Habitat (1hr 30 mins)