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Autumn Trip in Korea : Travel to the 4 Best Fall Foliage Attractions of Daegu

Autumn Trip in Korea, 4 Best Fall Foliage Attractions in Daegu
Autumn Trip in Korea
4 Best Fall Foliage Attractions in Daegu 

All four seasons in Korea are beautiful but the best among these is autumn.
In the annual season of autumn foliage, many tourists leave for the autumn foliage trip.
We will give you the information of the 2015 autumn leaf period for your autumn foliage trip.

According to the weather center, the first autumn foliage of this year is predicted to be felt earlier compared to average years.
Palgongsan Natural Park, where you can enjoy a feast of beautiful maple leaves in Daegu, starts to be decorated with maple leaves from October 17, and you can see the leaves decorated at their peak on October 28.

Now we will introduce you the 4 best fall foliage attractions in Daegu for your Autumn trips.

Palgongsan Natural Park Driveway

Palgongsan Natural Park, which boasts of its beautiful scenery during all four seasons, transforms into a more beautiful maple attraction during Autumn.
Maples trees extend throughout Palgongsan Natural Park to form a splendid sight.
Enjoy maple trees while driving on a quiet and wide road!

TIP : If you’d like to view the mountain full of maple leaves, ride the Palgongsan Natural Park’s cable car towards the peak of the mountain. You can have a wonderful maple trip with low cost.

Address : Palgongsan-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

Metasequoia-lined Road

The Metasequoia-lined road is also one of the recommended places for fall foliage trip.
This is a place that anyone can easily visit without a private vehicle.
Try walking at Metasequoia while looking at the trees lined on the sides of the road. You will surely feel the mood of autumn.
Nearby is Keimyung University that is famous for its beautiful campus; so you can enjoy both campus romance and fall leaves viewing.

Address : 357-37, Hosan-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

Otgol Village

If you’d like to enjoy fall leaves in a place with a traditional Korean atmosphere, leave for Otgol village, the tourist spot for autumn leaves. It’s an old house village located in Daegu, Dunsan-dong, where you can see old traditional Hanok, such as the oldest building among the houses in the Deagu area, Kyeongju Choi’s Head House, Donggyejeong, Bonbodang, etc.

The Bibo forest at the entrance of the village makes a very splendid autumn scenery. Enjoy the autumn leaves sitting under a bench of a large tree.

TIP : You can visit the place more conveniently when you use a private vehicle rather than using public transportation.

Address : Dunsan-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Mangwoo Park

The last Daegu autumn attraction, or tourist spot to be recommended, is Mangwoo Park.
It’s a place constructed in honor of General ‘Gwak Jae-woo’, the general of the Righteous Armies in the Japanese invasion of Korea.

The park, ‘Mangwoo’, was named after his nickname.
There are historic sites such as Yeongnamjeilgwan Gate, Joyang Town Hall, and Gwak Jae-woo bronze statue; so it’s a place where historical trips can be done at the same time with the autumn foliage trip.

Address : San 234-35, Hyomok 1-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

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