Friday, September 25, 2015

Korean Traditional Markets in Daegu, where you can have a glimpse of Korea’s livelihood!

3 traditional markets in Daegu, where you can have a glimpse of Korea’s livelihood
3 Korean Traditional Markets in Daegu

Since the Chuseok celebration is approaching, traditional markets are crowded with people buying ritual goods. Moreover, there will be various events offering discounts and rewards in each market in order to prepare for Chuseok.
Traditional markets are relatively cheaper compared to other big supermarkets.
There are various things, foods and agro-fishery products, such as fruits, vegetables and fish, which can be found in the markets. Each market has its own unique personality.
Here are three traditional markets in Daegu, where you can have a glimpse of Korea’s livelihood!

   Gwanmun Market at Seongdangmot station

The Gwanmun Market, located near the Seobu bus stop in the Seongdangmot station of subway line number 1, is always filled with both people and food.
This is especially caused by the cluster of food stalls selling snacks, such as fish cakes, chicken skewers, and chicken hearts, at the entrance of the market. There are also stalls selling Tteokbokki, Bindaetteok, Susutteok, fried chickens and more in the market! 
If you want to see the diversity of Korea’s food, come to the Gwanmun Market! 

   Gyodong Market at Daegu station

The Gyodong Market, which is located in Dongseong-ro right across the train station, is famous for its ‘flat dumpling’ and ‘seasoned fish cake’. 
Flat dumplings, which are shaped in a half-moon, are stuffed with chives and glass noodles inside the thin skin, and seasoned with soy sauce and green onions. The market is famous for cheap prices and big servings that make it loveable to most people visiting it.

   Chilseong Market at Chilseong market station

The Chilseong Market is composed of various items and stores. There are diverse products such as marine products, farm products, home appliances, clothing, and furniture apart from the daily necessities.
There is also the famous ‘Jokbal alley’. Jokbal(pig's trotters cooked with soy sauce and spices) contains a collagen, which is good for your skin and weight loss. We strongly recommend Chilseong Market, the food Daegu prides itself on can be found!

Please plan your visit before or after the ChuseoK, as most of the traditional markets are closed on Chuseok Holidays. 

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