Thursday, September 10, 2015

Daegu Cellphone Street (Telecommunication Alley) : Where you can buy smartphones and cell phones in South Korea

Daegu Cellphone Street where you can buy smartphones and cell phones in South Korea
Dongseong-ro Cellphone Street in Daegu

If you need to buy pre-paid SIM Card for you mobile when travelling, you should go to 'Dongseong-ro Cellphone Street' 
You can also purchase the latest smartphones and/or cell phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note5, and Apple iPhones in the street.
There are many telecommunication agencies and cellphone stores lined at 'Dongseong-ro Cellphone Street' in the Daegu city center.

There are 3 major telecommunication companies in Korea : Olleh, T-World and U+.
Each company provides different price policies and benefits; thus, you can choose the company most suitable for you then purchase your phone.

Moreover, there are stores that also offer phone accessories!

The 'Cellphone Street' starts from the fountain square in front of Daegu Central Police Station in 'Dongseong-ro 1-gil’ and ends at the intersection of 'Dongseong-ro 3-gil’ and ‘1-gil’. It only takes 1 min on foot from the exit 10 of Banwoldang station.


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