Monday, June 15, 2015

[Unlimited Train Travel Ticket 'Rail-ro'] Event for Rail-ro backpackers this summer 2015! “Rail-ro Treasure Hunt” in Daegu, South Korea

Twice the fun of trip to Daegu!
Find treasures hidden in every inch of Daegu!

We have prepared various events for 'Rail-ro' backpackers who travel to Daegu for this summer Rail-ro season!
One of the events! “Rail-ro Treasure Hunt” which will twice the fun of your trip to Daegu!

Find treasures hidden in 28 tourist attractions in Daegu as you travel Daegu during season 1(Jun 22nd to Jul 31st) and season 2(Aug 1st to Aug 31st)! There are 50 hidden treasures per season: so total of 100 treasures are hidden!
Visit Dongdaegu station or Daegu station with the treasure(certificate) and be rewarded with the gift voucher.

▲ image of gift voucher

▶ How to treasure hunt?
1. The hint of the place where the treasures are hidden can be found in on the Face book of Deagu Travel. (Click → Official English facebook page or Official Korean facebook page)
2. When you find the treasure, check the authenticity of the treasure on the spot.
3. Bring the authentic treasure box to the distribution center and be rewarded with giveaways. (Please return the treasure box)
- Distribution centers
Information Center at Dongdaegu Station(+82-53-939-0080)
Information Center at Daegu Station(+82-53-660-1432)

▶ List of places where the treasures are hidden
Kim Kwang-Seok Street/Bangcheon Market
Daegu Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine
The old house of Lee Sang-Hwa
Cheongna Hunduk(Cheongna Hill)
Seomun Market
Hyangchon Cultural Center 
forRest Spa valley
Daegu Arboretum 
Daegu Art Museum
Suseong Lake (Suseong Land)
Daegu Shooting Range
Chimac Festival
Apsan Cable Car
Dongin-dong Jjimgalbi street (spicy steamed beef rib restaurants street)
Bullo-dong Graveyard site
Gatbawi at Palgong Mountain 
Otgol Village
Ayang Railroad Bridge
Ongki-Jongki Mural Village
Cable Car at Palgong Mountain 
Anjirang Gobchang Food Alley (Gobchang is small intestines of cattle)
Mabijeong Mural Village
The ARC/Gangjeong Goryeong Weir
Dodong Seowon (Confucian Academy)
Samunjin Dock
Daegu Hill crest (old Herb Hillz)
E-World/83 Tower
Pyeonghwa Market (Alley specialized in Chicken dishes)

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