Friday, June 12, 2015

Unlimited Train Travel Pass ‘Rail-ro’ Ticket : Souvenirs for travelers who visit Daegu!

Summer vacation is coming!
If you are planning a backpacking this vacation, colorful Daegu is strongly recommended!
Because Daegu is giving out souvenirs for Rail-ro backpackers who travel by train during the rail-ro season this summer! Travel Daegu where the history and modern atmosphere coexist and receive gifts! Killing two birds with one stone!

Oriental mask sheet for your skin which will be exhausted during travel and Ice Cool Scarf that will cool down the hotness will be given out! 5,000 people will get opportunity by the order of arrival from June 5, so hurry!

△ gifts in the photo for reference

Souvenirs Event for Travelers in Daegu
▶ Period : Jun 15th to Sep 6th, 2015 (for 5,000 people by the order of arrival)
▶ Souvenir distribution center
   - Travel information center : Dongdaegu station, Daegu station, Dongseong ro, Yakryeongsi
   - Korail : Travel center at Dondaegu station and Daegu station

 Souvenir : Oriental mask sheet or Ice Cool Scarf 

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