Monday, June 29, 2015

Unique Pubs in Korea : What is your plan for Friday? Pubs for Beer, Games and Music in Daegu

We would like to recommend you some cool places with hybrid ways of having fun at Friday nights in Daegu’s downtown ‘Dongseong-ro’,.
Here, music, drinks, bowling, also pool tables and various of other game facilities are at one place!
They are unique places where everyone can enjoy comforts and play fun regardless of the gender.

Bowling Pub ‘Fun It’ a rock bowing

If you like to enjoy bowing with some drink, there is a place where you can enjoy games with cold beer and vodka at cool indoor.
‘Fun It’, a rock bowling.
With fun music and lightings greeting us from the entrance of the bowling pub,
Right here is a fitting place to enjoy and play in free atmosphere as in club.

You can use bowling and rent bowling shoes in about 7,000 won.
If you sign up separately, you can get 1,000 won discount.

Also, there is various other game facilities aside from bowling such as the pool and amusement machines so even the waiting time for bowling on a crowded weekend never become boring.

‘Fun It’, a Dongseong-ro Rock Bowling where you can go bowling with a glass of beer in fun atmosphere. Try enjoying the cool during hot summer at ‘Fun It’ Rock Bowling Pub!

Normal : 5,000 won
Students : 4,000 won
Shoe rental fee : 2,000 won

[How to get to Fun it?]
I recommend you to get there by subway.
5 mins walk to the Rock bowling pub from Banwoldang Station. It is right next to ZARA

Address of ‘Fun It’ a rock bowing : 122, Dongseongno 2-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

Craving for Cold Beer and Chips? British-styled Pub ‘BIG BEN’

Second place, we recommend you is a British-styled pub, ‘BIG BEN’, located at ‘Dongseong-ro’ in Daegu.
Bar, table and enjoyable games such as dart are provided at the ground floor.
It is an interior consists of props reminding the visitors of UK.

View of the 2nd floor.
Gorgeous chandelier showing the sense of the owner.
This place has a cozy atmosphere with the wooden interior.

English Menus, a kind consideration of the owner for foreigners.

I ordered Green Grape Beer, Honey Beer, Chicken Tender and Chips.
The combination of a bit-sweet beer, chicken and French fries were simply fantastic.

This is a rest area in the second floor at the back. There are amusement machines which you can enjoy light basketball games.

‘Big Ben’, a pub where you can enjoy the cold beer and chips along with either beloved ones or friends.

[How to get to the pub 'Big Ben' ?]
I recommend you to get there by subway as well.
12 mins walk to Big Ben from Jungang-ro Station, subway line 1.

Address of Big Ben : 62, Gongpyeong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea 

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