Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Korean food : Samgyetang (Chicken Ginseng Soup)‬, Korea's representative healthy food for Summer

Here, we have a stamina food to overcome the hot summer heat!
People like to eat special food during the hot summer to protect one's body in Korea. 
One of the Korean healthy foods is 'Samgyetang', the famous and popular dish in Korea.

'Samgyetang' means ginseng (sam) - chicken (gye) - soup (tang) in Korean language.
It is cooked with a whole young chicken stuffed with rice, garlic, jujube fruits and Korean ginseng. Usually a whole chicken is served for one person.

It is an excellent stamina food to boost energy and vitality for hot summer days. 
For this reason, it is especially popular to eat this chicken soup on 'Sambok' days, which are three distinct days of the lunar calendar — 'Chobok' (beginning of hot days), 'Jungbok' (mid hot day), and 'Malbok' (last of hot days) in Korea. It is believed to eat the soup in this period to overcome the heat, even though it's a boiling hot soup.

Although traditionally it is a summer food, also enjoyed as a regular meal at any time of the year.
This summer, recommend you to have Samgyetang for your health.

'Sambok' in this year 2015

'Chobok' (beginning of hot days) - July 13th
'Jungbok' (mid hot day) - July 23rd
'Malbok' (last of hot days) - August 12th

Recommendation for Samgyetang Restaurants in Daegu

Geumgok Samgyetang : 8 mins walk from Jungang-ro Station, subway line 1

address for Geumgok Samgyetang: 46-5, Gongpyeong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

Yakjeon Samgyetang8 mins walk from Jungang-ro Station, subway line 1

address for Yakjeon Samgyetang : 43-2, Janggwan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

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