Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Korea Upcoming Festivals in Summer 2015 :: Daegu Hot Festival 2015

This summer, Daegu will be hotter with a variety of festivals in July.
Daegu Hot Festival that will come back with sizzling heat on July 17th!
Here are fun and lively events in Daegu that will make you enjoy the month!

[Daegu Hot Festival 2015]

▷ Period : July 17th to July 26th, 2015
 Main Venue : Duryu park baseball field, Kolon outdoor music stage of Duryu park, Daegu Culture & Arts Center
 Website : http://dhf.or.kr

    Daegu Folk Festival 2015

 Period : Jul 17th to Jul 19th, 2015
 Major events : Opening ceremony, performances(solo, band, songs to commemorates the old singer Kim Kwang-seok, folk songs), busking, flea market and more
 Venue : throughout the Kolon outdoor music stage of Duryu park

    Daegu International Horror Theater Festival 2015 (DIHTF 2015)

 Period : Jul 17th to Jul 26th, 2015
 Venue : Daegu Culture & Arts Center and little theaters
 Major events : 10 domestic and foreign plays, participatory horror events

    Daegu Wind Ensemble Festival 2015

 Period : Jul 20th to Jul 21st, 2015
 Major events : Orchestra performances, Symphonic band
 Venue : Kolon outdoor music stage of Duryu park

    Daegu Chimac Festival 2015 (Chimck is an abbreviation of chicken and beer in Korean)

 Period : Jul 22nd to Jul 26th, 2015
 Major events : Multimedia show, hidden signer, Chimac night, Rock festival and more
 Venue : Duryu park, 'Chimac Road' in Pyeonghwa market, E-World, Food franchises alley in Seobu market 

    Arts for Life Festival 2015

 Period : Jul 24th to Jul 26th, 2015
 Major events : Performances, instrumental music performance, ensemble performance, Korean classical music performance and exhibition
 Venue : Kolon outdoor music stage of Duryu park

※ images of posters from official website of Daegu Hot Festival

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