Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Korea Mural Street to commemorate the old folk song singer Kim Kwang-Seok in Daegu

Hi everyone. we are the team "Baljauk Kkun" which is the abbreviation of "footprint" and "expert". 
Today, I'm going to introduce to you about 'Kim Kwang-seok street' which is the most beautiful mural alley in Daegu.

Kim Kwang-seok street is not far from the Daegu downtown. 
It is located just right next to Bangcheon Market.

This street is about Kim Kwang-seok who was a popular  singer and song writer in Korea.
It is also designated as one of 100 must-go places in Korea by Korea Tourism.
The singer Kim Kwang-seok lived in a house in the alley until he was 5. 

When you walked along this road, you will hear the Kim Kwang-seok‘s music through speakers.

This is the beginning of Kim Kwang-Seok street.
You can see the statue of Kim Kwang-Seok playing the guitar.
It  seems like he really plays the guitar  in front of you.

This place is a radio broadcasting studio and open in every Saturday at 12:00-14:00. And the noon, the songs requested are broadcast on Daegu Radio MBC FM 95.3MHZ. It is so popular among many people because it reminds them of memories and old songs.

There are many mural paintings to commemorate Kim Kwang-Seok and his songs.

This is one of my favorite song named "Although I love you"
In addition,  Spanish singer Andreas Sandlund re-made this song last year.

There are so many beautiful mural paintings to capture good photos.
It causes optical illusion that make you feel that the mural paintings and you integrated.

This is a phone box. when you put in the coin, you can make a phone call.
Call your important person and give him/her a lovely message.
Communication is the bridge between people. This place will remind you that making a phone call to the person who you loved.

Along the alley, there are a lot of cafes, restaurants and shops.
You can get relaxed by eating some delicious food in there. 
And you can also create your own memory with your people who you love in there.

Why don't you come to this Kim Kwang-Seok alley and enjoy the beautiful murals paintings?
This is a good place to remind yourself good memories, your happiness. So come here to get relaxed and enjoy!!

How to get to Kim Kwang-Seok Street and Bangcheon Market
- By Subway : about 12 min walk from Kyungbuk National University Station, Subway line 2
- By Taxi : If you get there from Dongdaegu Station, it will take you about 12 min and cost 5,500 won.

Address : Daebong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, South Korea

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