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Daegu City Tour Theme Course two - Mt. Biseul Course : historical and natural landmarks of Korea

The best way to look around Daegu is Daegu city tour!
The second course of Daegu City Tour we are introducing is Mt. Biseul Course.
Biseul Mountain is located Dalseong-gun of Daegu.
This theme course will take you to the historical and natural landmarks of Daegu.

[Mt. Biseul Course]
Banwoldagn → Twelve Distinguished Gwak's Shrine → Dodong-seowon Confucian Academy → Mt. Biseulsan Natural Forest Resort → Memorial Hall of General Yu Chi-kon → Dalseong Weir

Bus station
10:00am in front of Hyundai department Store in Banwoldang (in front of crosswalk)
※ Tour closing time is able to change depending on transportation condition and local situation.

△ map from the website of Daegu city tour

Places to visit in the Mt. Biseul Course
(The following extract is taken from the website of Daegu City Tour)

△ captured map from the website of Daegu city tour

1. Twelve Distinguished Gwak`s Shrine
                                      △ captured images from the wiebsite of Daegu city tour

The Shrine houses 12 certified steles of honor dedicated to the Gwak Clan, and it was built during the King Yeongjo's reign.

Address : 1348-2, Ji-ri, Hyeonpung-myeon, Dalseong-gun

2. Dodong-seowon Confucian Academy

Dodong-seowon Confucian Academy boasts wonderful geographical features. A river runs in front and a mountain is located in the back, offering a nice view. However, the site has more historical meanings in the sense that Hanhwondang, KIM Gweng-pil, leader of the Five Sages during the Joseon Dynasty, is worshiped here.

Address : 35, Dodong-ri, Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun

3. Mt. Biseulsan Natural Forest Resort

Mt. Biseul is famous for Korean Rosebay Habitat and be loved by people from Daegu as well as other cities. 
This resort offers a perfect place for relaxation in beautiful nature and a clean forest in all seasons. The major feature of this resort is that spaces for relaxation and other convenient facilities are in harmony with the surrounding natural environment.

Address : San1, Yang-ri, Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun

4. Memorial Hall of General Yu Chi-kon

This Memorial is aimed at remembering the late General Yu Chi-gon who produced brilliant achievements in the history of the Korean Air Force. Precious items, including the mementoes of the General, and photos of Korean War, are on display.

Address : 288-2 Yang-ri, Youga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

5. Dalseong Weir
△ captured images from the website of Daegu city tour

Bicycle roads are arranged along the Nakdong River. This area is equipped with environmentally friendly facilities, which include the swamp park, eco-park, hands-on experience program facilities, and other leisure facilities. You can also appreciate the beautiful sunset from the observation deck, which is built in the shape of the bow of a ship.

Address : 711-1, Ha-ri, Nongong-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

▷ Tour price (won)
Adult 5,000 / Middle, High School Student 4,000 / Children, The handicapped 3,000 
Young child under 48 months Free

※ 20% fare discount for
- Passengers who have a train or express bus ticket for the same day.
- Passengers in groups of over 10 persons.
- Passengers who have a MICE Card

▷ Operate day : Every Monday
▷ Operate time : 10:00~16:00 (once a day)
※ Bus operating service closing day : Lunar New Year, Korean Thanksgiving Day

▷ Reservation
1. Daegu City Tour website (
2. Contact Samsung plus tourism (weeks)
   Phone: +82-53-627-8900, 

※ The seat is not designated and the ticket is valid on the day of issue only.

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