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Daegu City Tour Theme Course one - Mt.Palgong Course : East Daegu

The best way to look around Daegu is Daegu city tour!
There are six Daegu city tour courses besides the City tour Double-decker Bus.
Each Daegu city tour course has a different theme.
We would like to introduce the city tour courses and today it’s about the Mt. Palgong Course.

Mt. Palgong Course is for the tour attractions in East Daegu.
The city tour bus of Mt. Palgong course will take you to the traditional places with atmosphere of ancient times and nature!

[Mt. Palgong Course]
Banwoldang → Dongdaegu Station → Bullo-Dong Tombs Park → Bangjja Brassware Museum 
→ Donghwa temple → Daegu Safety Theme Park → Dongdaegu Station → Banwoldang

Bus station
1. 9:30am in front of Hyundai department in Banwoldang (in front of crosswalk)
2. 10:00am City tour bus station in the middle of Dongdaegu Station
※ When you booking, please choose departure bus station.

△ captured map from the website of Daegu city tour 

Places to visit in the Mt. Palgong Course

(The following extract is taken from the website of Daegu City Tour)

1. Bullo-dong Tomb Park

The tombs at the Bullo-dong Tomb Park have been preserved in their original shapes, which makes them a valuable representation Of what the ancient Daegu basin was like.
Built in the 5th or 6th century, they are estimated to be the tombs of the ruling powers in this area. About 214 tombs with a clear appearance are restored to their original form.

Location : San 335, Bullo-dong, Dong-gu

2. Bangjja Yugi Museum

Bangjja is a vessel made by pounding melted brass.
Bangjja yugi museum is the nation’s only brassware-specialized Museum. Quality brassware made by brassware specialist Lee Bong-ju is on display.

Location : 29, Dojang-gil, Dong-gu(399, Dohak-dong)

3. Donghwasa Temple

Donghwasa is a time-honored Buddhist temple, which was built by Priest Geukdal-hwasang in 493 of the Silla Dynasty. It is located in the valley of Dohak-dong below Mt. Palgong. On the premises of the temple, a main worshipping hall, and an enormous statue of a Stone Budda standing up high are available for followers of Buddhism. 

※ Donghwasa Temple admission will be additional

Location : 41,201-gil, Palgongsan-ro, Dong-gu(35 Dohak-dong)

4. Daegu Safety Theme Park

It is located at the Donghwasa Facilities Complex.
This is a good place for educational purposes, particularly for teenagers. Also you can learn how to prepare yourself for various life emergencies, such as subway accidents, storm and flood damage, earthquakes, and accidents in the mountains.

Location : 1155, Palgongsan-ro, Dong-gu(within the Donghwa Facilities District of the Mt. Palgongsan)

▷ Tour price (won)
Adult 5,000 / Middle, High School Student 4,000 / Children, The handicapped 3,000 
Young child under 48 months Free

※ 20% fare discount for
- Passengers who have a train or express bus ticket for the same day.
- Passengers in groups of over 10 persons.
- Passengers who have a MICE Card

▷ Operate day : Tue~Sun (every week/weekend)
▷ Operate time : 9:30~17:00 (once a day)
※ Bus operating service closing day : Lunar New Year, Korean Thanksgiving Day

▷ Reservation
1. Daegu City Tour website (
2. Contact Samsung plus tourism (weeks)
   Phone: +82-53-627-8900

※ The seat is not designated and the ticket is valid on the day of issue only.

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