Wednesday, June 17, 2015

CNN selection of Korean’s Representative Food Chimac : Daegu Pyeonghwa Market ‘Chimac Road’ selected as Food Theme Street of 2015

One of the '40 Korean foods we can’t live without’ selected by CNN is ‘Chimac’
It is abbreviation of chicken and beer(맥주_macjoo) in Korean.
Recently, Chimac fever is all over the world, to the point that video of English people who ate Chimac is making headlines. Chicken food is one of comfort food loved by Koreans which can be easily eaten in anywhere, anytime.
So we have Breaking news! Daegu’s representative food street, Pyeonghwa Market Dakttongjip(chicken gizzard) Alley ‘Chimac Road’ was selected as ‘Food Theme Street of 2015’.

△ captured image from CNN website

There are a total of 28 restaurants in Chimac Road where you can taste the main menus of chicken, Jjimdak (steamed or boiled chicken), Dakttongjip (chicken gizzards) fry and spiced Dakttongjip fry.
The most famous chicken food in Pyeonghwa Market is ‘Dakttongjip’.
Cheap price, abundant size, and spicy yet sweet taste are unique. The food, once you taste, will come again and again, making you crave for it.

‘Chimac Road’ that is selected as the representative food street of Daegu following ‘Anjirang Gopchang (tripe) Street’! Taste the chicken food you want in the place where all kinds of diverse and famous chicken food restaurants are gathered.

Also, in July, Chimac festival, where people from all over the country go wild about, is scheduled to be held, and some part of it will be held in Chimac Road. 
Don’t miss it!

How to get to Chimac Road (Pyeonghwa Market) ? 
- By Bus : Take 708, 521, 937, or Soonhwan 2-1 and get off at Pyeonghwa Market
- By Taxi : If you want to get there by taxi from Dongdaegu Station, it will take you about 5 min and cost you 3,100 won.

Address of Chimac Road at  Pyeonghwa Market : 10, Ayang-ro 9-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

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