Monday, June 22, 2015

[Bridge in Daegu Korea] Ayang Railway Bridge :: Transformation of Old Daegu Track

Ayang railroad that has transformed itself into a new cultural space and tourist spot.
Once a railway, it is the bridge that connects Dong-gu Sinam-dong and Dongchon-dong across Geumho River.
It was ‘Daegu Track’ that was constructed as single-track between Daegu Station and Yeongcheon Station in 1919, but as Daegu Track was closed down, it became the eyesore of Geumho River.
Afterwards, it was reborn as a new form of cultural space, but still cherishing its old shape. There are observatory, café, bridge museum, and meditation center inside railway.

It is the cornerstone of Ayang Railway Bridge.
It is written here that as renewed as ‘Ayang Railway Bridge’, we wish that the new ‘Spirit of the Age’ of Dongu in Daegu is fully filled as ‘Human and human’ meet again, and ‘Human and Nature’ come to live together. It is a place that has not only beautiful scenery, but also a deep meaning like this.

You can also view from Dongchon amusement park far away.

It is a place that night view is especially beautiful, drawing many people.
This is the scenery of the preserved railway being lit up as night comes.
Beautiful illumination light up and shine on Geumho River and the railway with colors of different shades.

What about a cup of coffee at the café on Ayang Railway Bridge on the time of sunset?
I strongly recommend you to visit Ayang Railway Bridge when you want to be in romantic mood with your sweethearts~♡

Operation hour of cafes
Cafes :  10:00am ~  Midnight  / 10:00am ~ 22:00pm

How to get to Ayang Railway Bridge?
- By Subway : It will take you about 11min walk from Ayang-gyo Staton, subway line 1.
- By Taxi : If you get to Ayang Railway Bridge from Dongdaegu Station by Taxi, it will take you about 7min and cost 3,500won.

Address of Ayang-gyo Station : 1584 Sinam-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

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