Friday, May 15, 2015

Travel to Daegu Riding a City Metro – Daegu Line 3 Monorail

Why does Daegu City Metro Line 3, which opened on April 2015, attract people’s attention from all round the world?
Line 3 is special since it runs on the air through the monorail.
Moreover, Line 3 made travelling to Daegu easier and more exciting.

Monorail has three rooms in one electric vehicle, making it a 15.1m long, 5.24m high, and 2.9m wide.

Moreover, its speed is kept on 50~70km/h with 30 stops.
It takes two minutes from one station to the next. The total time between the end points takes only 46 minutes while the ordinary car takes 72 minutes to get to the end point.

One more interesting point: a secret hidden in the wide windows!
The invisible windows are equipped for the privacy of the people living near the Line 3.
The invisibility mode turns on automatically when passing through the residential areas, enabling the passengers to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of Daegu.

If you want to see Daegu from the top, you should go to Apsan Observatory or 83Tower!

However, running through the forest of buildings by monorail gives you a different kind of buzz from seeing the city from the Observatory.

[Map of Subway lines]

▲ (Source: Official Homepage of Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation)

Which tourist attractions are accessible through the City Metro Line 3?

Maecheon Station : Maecheon Agricultural & Marine Market

Gongdan Station : Hajungdo (River Island)

Seomun Market Station : Seomun Market

Daebonggyo Station : KimKwangSeok Street (Mural Alley to commemorate one Korean folk song singer)

Namsan Station : Seongmodang [Catholic Archdiocese of Daegu]

Suseongmot Station : Beomeo Stream

Suseongmot Station : Suseongmot (Suesong Lake)

Daegu, the city which embraces both modern and contemporary history.

Plan a monorail trip to Daegu, the city full of greenness surrounded by the mountains!

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