Thursday, May 28, 2015

Travel in Daegu :: Agricultural Experience in City, Guam Farmstay Village

Let us all leave for Guam Farmstay Village, a place with all the natural experiences, including tomato picking and woodwork experience~!

Guam Farmstay Village is a popular tourist attraction rising among tourists, even included in Daegu City Tour Course. This place also provides kids with experiences of popular Korean traditional culture and agriculture at the same time.

Tomato picking experience is available from June to July.

The cultivation process is taught in a kind and detailed manner.
Just handpick red-ripe, delicious cherry tomatoes to harvest them. They are edible even when unwashed,as they are grown in an eco-friendly manner.

This is Woodwork Experience Center.
In woodwork experience, you can do any woodwork in any desired shape and bring it home.

In this room, the president of Guam Farmstay Village drew the wallpaper himself as a hobby. Also, the Hanbok(Korean traditional dress) experience is available here.

Aside from the harvesting experience, there are plenty of other experiences in Guam Farmstay,such as making straw rope and sandal, viewing and learning Pungmul (Korean folk music tradition), grinding grains with a treadmill, and carrying Korean A-frame.

We strongly recommend you to visit the Guam Farmstay Village, located at the foot of Palgongsan Mountain, a place with fine air and fresh water~!

[Guam Farmstay Experience]
ㅁ Different experiences are available according to the season, so please make an advanced telephone reservation before visiting.
ㅁ For the case of Food Experiences (cooking Tofu, Kalguksu, etc.), there may be limitations for small groups.
ㅁ Experience Costs may vary with the seasonal market price.
ㅁ Be sure to make a preliminary inquiry before visiting, as the farm may be too large for walking.Vehicles are provided to help look around the places during the visit.

▷ StrawberryPicking (8,000 won) March ~ May
▷ Japanese Apricot Picking (4,000 won) June
▷ Cherry Tomato Picking (5,000 won) June ~ July
▷ PotatoPicking (4,000 won) September ~ July
▷ Apple Picking (4,000 won) August ~ November
▷ Chestnuts Picking (5,000 won) September ~ October
▷ Sweet Potato Picking (4,000 won) September ~ November
▷ Sweet Persimmon Picking (4,000 won) October ~ January

■ Directions 
- By Bus : Take rapid (Geuphaeng) 1 or 401 (To Donghwasa, Gatbawi), get off at Guam Village. 
- By Taxi : If you take a taxi from Dongdaegu station, it will take you aboutm 30 mins and 14,000 won.
■ Contact : +82-53-984-5274 *Advanced reservation must be made before visiting.
■ Homepage :

Address :  38, Guam-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

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