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Must-visit in Daegu : Otgol Village where you can feel the beauty of Korean Traditions!

When travelling to other country, people visit places where they will experience the beauty and the traditions of their destination.
Among lots of tourist attractions, here we recommend a must-visit place of Korea which will show you a breathtaking beauty and the antiqueness of Korea.

If you want to escape from the city, we recommend you the Otgol Village in Dunsan-dong located near Palgongsan (Palgong Mountain) of Daegu.
In Daegu Otgol Village, you will find lots of tranquil old houses

The Otgol Village is about fifteen minutes from the center of Dongdaegu(East Daegu) city by bus. It became an accumulated area of the Gyeongju Choi clan since Dong-jip Choi, a scholar of Joseon Dynasty, arrived here and built his house in 1616.

Otgol Village is called as Otgol (chil-gye) because there are lots of lacquer trees in it which are ‘Otnamu’ in the forest and valleys of Korea.
Moreover, because of the oldest Korean traditional houses in Daegu, it is considered as a very precious resource for the study of life during the Joseon Dynasty.

There is a Bibo-soop (Complementary Village Grove) on the way to the Head House of the Gyeongju Choi clan in Otgol Village, where zelkovas, which are about 350 years old, grow in the community. They were said to be planted as shield from the incoming bad aura and energy since the site, where the village stood, is higher than its surrounding places.

You can easily spot the oldest building in the village as soon as you step in. It is the Baekbulgotek (Baekbul traditional house).
Recently, it was featured in the K-drama 'Hyde, Jekyll and Me'.
Baekbulgotek is the Head House of Heung Won Choi, the scholar under King Yeoungjo of the Joseon Dynasty and is also the oldest house in the entire Daegu.

The interesting point here is that the building has different levels for its roof.
The rooms with the higher roof were used by parents and elders while the rooms with the lower roof were used by children.

At the back of the building, the main building of the Head House is located. It is built in the shape of a 'ㄷ' and is used as a private space.

This is Bobondang (Bobon Shrine).
This building was built in 1753 in order to hold rituals for the fifth generation ancestor by 'Baekbulam' Heung Won Choi, and was designated as a cultural asset of Daegu.

This is Donggyejeong where you can experience traditional activities.
You can participate in Korean traditional rituals, try Korean traditional clothes, learn Korean manner of greeting, play some traditional games, try Dado (traditional tea ceremony), and gain some ecological experiences.

Daegu Otgol Village is where Hanok (Korean traditional houses) and nature make harmony all at once and showcases a strong sense of Korean culture.
How about escaping from the center of the city and feeling the fragrance of the old house of nobility?

※ Inquiries and reservation Traditional activities : +82-53-424-2237

▶ How to go to Otgol Village
- By Bus : Take a subway line 1 and get off at Haean station. Transfer to 'Dongu3 (Otgol)' which is going for Otgol Village. Get off the bus at Gyeongju Choi clan.
- By Taxi : If you get a taxi from Dongdaegu station it will cost you about 11,000 won. 

Address : Dunsan-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu

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