Friday, May 29, 2015

Duryu Park - Good place to enjoy a picnic with chicken in Daegu Korea

Nowadays, this May's weather is much warmer than last year.
As we can see a lot of people to enjoy outside activities than before. So we had a planning to picnic to Duryu Park in Daegu.

Duryu park is one of famous park in Daegu for the Family. This located in  Duryu station on Daegu subway line 2. After get off this station, go out gate 14 to easily find out Duryu park and also come here by Bus.

There are 3 reason why this is rising place in daegu.
First E-World. E-World is only one greatest amusement park in Daegu also located near here therefore this place is much popular than other places to enjoy.
Second, the place called Gwang-jang is near here. This place is not much popular place in before but after building the Lotte-Cinema. This is most hottest place and also called post downtown in daegu.
The last one is 'Daegu Culture & Arts Center'. Duryu park is center of culture, art and sports complex. In the park, there are national culture and art center, national swimming pool, can easily riding bike and Rollerblade. That is why we are going here at this nice weather in May.

Duryu park is called YADANG.
It means abbreviation of the outdoor concert hall. this place is what we're about to introduce to you. If you go there, you can feel a peaceful atmosphere.

In Summer, As concert or various performance is held, anyone who has open mind to everything can enjoy with other people.

In the daytime, family comes to here with their children, and In the nighttime, people enjoy a lot of things in here.
Likewise, spread a mat and eat delicious food. especially chicken and beer!!!!
Chicken and beer is fantastic food to go on a picnic with.

While we look around here, we can discover good scene that they seems to practice the performance. It looks so funny and I want to do it together someday.

We moved to other place. If you visit Daegu for many times, you might see this picture. Because this photo zone is well known to people.
You can find 83 tower which is located at the E-WORLD in the back side of the picture. Also it includes colorful Daegu in a good sense.

Daegu which has various goodness express meaning of smart city, culture & arts, tour city.

When we arrived there, children were playing at that place.
So we went up there and took pictures likewise children who were playing together.

Is there anybody who found three of our members?

In the Duryu park, there is information center as to Duryu park in details.

You can get helpful information while you go around this park.

If you go to inside of this place, you don't only get information but also can see the historical model of Daegu Korean folk song singer, 'Kim Kwang Seok'.

Also a small exhibition venue is being prepared and various products and specialities which is produced in Daegu can be sold in this place.'.

When you walk along the trail. you can find people doing the exercise.
And then go down the street, there is bicycle rental center. Because trail is good, you can discover people who ride a bicycle. Rental fee is 3000 won for an hour.
It can be a good thing to enjoy together whoever, a girl friend or a boy friend.

And you can see hidden attractions around this park.

One of them is the Daegu Culture & Arts Center.
In this place, some photo exhibition , concerts are often held.

We looked around Duryu park. How was it? was it good???
We look forward to going there someday again imagining the scene that we eat chicken and beer on the mat.

Also we want to recommend to go there before it gets hotter.

Address of Duryu Park : 588-3, Duryu 3-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea

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