Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dalseong Tomato Festival (Dalseong RED Festival) 2015 _ Festival of Daegu, Korea

Is Spain the only country which has the tomato festival?
No~! We invite you to the first ever tomato festival of Korea which will be held in Daegu, GyeongBuk!

Daegu, the city full of various festivals and events!
Unusual festival that will be on the spotlight next to the Korea Travel Week!
Dalseong Red Festival (Tomato Festival) will be held in Daegu on May 16 to 17, 2015!

This week
Enjoy the festival of tomatoes with your family, children, friends or loved ones!

Place : near Daegu National Science Museum

[Events during the festival]
Military Band and the Tomato Street Festival, Opening Ceremony and Celebrative Concert, Event 'Find a Gold Ring’, Auction for foods made of tomatoes, Tomato Water Gun Fight, Stacking Up Tomatoes, Magic Show by Daegu National Science Museum, Who Eats Tomatoes the Fastest, Spaghetti for 500 people, Cooking and Eating of the Giant Spaghetti

[Details on the Main Events]

1. Find a Gold Ring!
Search for a gold ring hidden in the huge tomato pool which is 30m x 12m in size
If you bring the signs hidden inside the tomatoes up to the stage, you will be rewarded with prizes such as one don (3.75g) of a gold ring, a half don (1.88g) of a gold ring, or a one box of tomatoes accordingly.
- How to Participate? Visit the pre-registration booth by 10 a.m. onwards and get a number.
- Expected Population : about 1,000 people per event
- Eligibility : Only those wearing a white top can participate.

2. Spaghetti for 500 people
Cook a giant spaghetti for 500 people for the first time in the whole world!
You can eat later on as well.
- How to Participate? Pre-register via the homepage of Dalseong Red Festival (
- Eligibility : Anyone not younger than an elementary student
※ Preschoolers are advised to not join for safety issues.

3. Tomato Air Bounce
Quickly arrive to the destination by running through the air bounce which keeps on moving!
- Eligibility : Anyone can join freely

May Festival will give you both the taste and amusement of tomato which is good for your health and obviously fresh!
Let’s go and join the ‘Dalseong Tomato Festival (Red Festival),’ the unusual Korean festival this weekend!

How to get to the Daegu National Science Museum?

■ Address : 20, Techno-daero 6-gil, Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
■ Public Transportation 
- By Subway and Bus : If you want to get there by public transportation from Dongdaegu station, take a subway and get off at Daegok station > Exit 1 < Take a bus Dalseong 5(heading to Daegok, Yongyeonsa, Yugasa) > Get off at Yongbong industrial complex > Walk to Daegu National Science Museum about 12 mins. It will take you about 2hrs and 10 mins in total.

- By Taxi : If you want to get there by taxi from Dongdaegu station, it will take you about 55 mins and cost 27,000 won.

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