Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Celebrating Buddha’s Birthday - Dalgubeol Lantern Festival 2015 in Daegu Korea

Korean culture has various ways to celebrate Buddha’s birthday. One of the way is celebrating the birthday in colorful Daegu in a colorful way.
The celebrations and major events started from 2nd of May to 5th May and then 9th May was the final day. 2nd to 5th May festival was held in Waterside of Sincheon near Jungdong and Huimang Bridge from 19:00 to 21:00.

The last day of festival, 9th May, started from 18:30 to onwards, which covers stage performances, huge number of flying lanterns, and finally the colorful parade with traditional performances and music.

Flying lantern event was started at sunset at almost 19:30 in Duryu baseball stadium. While the parade was started at 20:00 from Duryu baseball stadium to Banwaldang by passing through Duryu intersection.

We, the “Follow” Daegu Tourism Supporter team members including Rathore, Sarah, and Jun Young visited last day event at Duryu baseball stadium. It was really a great and enjoyable event with full of colorful performances.
We are presenting here the highlights of the event with pictures.

1) Arrival of people from Daegu and other connected cities starts early before evening to explore and enjoy the whole festival.

2) People make ready their flying lanterns and begins burning of flying lighting kites at sunrise when announcement is made from stage.

3) The night view towards the sky with lots of Flying Lanterns in the air looks awesome and attractive. It looks like fireflies in the air.

4) Behind the scene, back side of the stage, the night view of the Daegu '83 tower' upturns the magnificence of the scene.

5) The airplane balloon is also flying above the crowed, in between the flying Lanterns throughout the Event.

6) After the Lantern Festival, the parade is started in which there are lot of Lavish Floats, Depicting different concepts and believes of Korean culture.

7) There is one Buddha's Float. Some people came to it and say prayer.

8) Children was also enthusiastic to participate in the festival. They wear colorful dresses with vibrant caps and flower bracelets.

9) Participants of the parade was wearing traditional dresses. They perform tradition dance and beat tradition music with drums and other instruments.

▲ Duryu baseball stadium, Daegu, Korea

Address: 2 Goseong 3(sam)-ga, Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea 

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