Thursday, April 23, 2015

Water for the planet - 7th World Water Forum 2015

The eyes of the world are looking at Daegu, this city was one of hosts of the 7th World Water Forum EXPO and Fair.
Here people, companies and nation got together with one gold, to show humanity what is been done to provide clean water to people and preserve and understand the challenges to still have water in the future.

The people of earth are aware that this planet is the only one that we have, and that without water life can't be sustained. It's amazing to see how people from around the world create technologies to provide clean drinkable waste, or restore the water that we use so nature can thrive in it.

Korea is one of the most advanced countries in this matter.

This nation knows that clean water is precious and they develop several technologies, build massive compounds for its management and study, and all this for the hope that future generations can continue with this wonderful work.

And important step, is to give this knowledge to every people in this planet, especially young ones in a simple and interactive way so they keep this knowledge forever.

The city of Daegu assume the challenge to be an environmental example to the world and with construction of several plants for waste management and sewage water treatment, and green energy are designing a better future for its habitats and the environment.

Daegu is full of nature and water, and they are several places that you can enjoy the city in a very ecological way.
The ARC and its surrounding is one of them and what is more ecological than a clean way of transportation: the bike.
Fist you get to Gangchang Station in the Green Line (Line 2) of the subway; there you can rent for free a bike (you just have to fill a very simple form). Go out though exit 2 and take the bike way to the west. Before the bridge, cross the avenue and continue.
After the bridge there is way to go down to the side of the river. Take the way that goes under the bridge and continue until you get to the ARC.

On the way there you can enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful nature that border the river bank. Some people go fishing or play sports too and it is also a nice spot to do a picnic with family and friends.

Close to the ARC is the Gangjeong Goryeong Weir on it you can appreciate the beauty of the Geumhogang River.

Inside the ARC you can experience in interactive way the history of this place, the influence of the river in the surrounding areas and the use of water itself.

In the upper floors a permanent exhibition of sound and images fills the space with music and landscapes that transport you to other times and places of this beautiful planet.

Also serves as an indoor and outdoor gallery in which different kinds of expositions in were the main idea of water, nature and people and the complexity of their interaction are exhibit to the contemplation people of all ages.

On the roof top you can appreciate 360° view of the river and the surrounding landscape. 

Under a really hot spring day the water forum ended; people, companies and nations have done a great job finding answer to the necessities of this planet and will keep looking for solution to a better future and use of water.

Summer is approaching and in the near future fun activities under the sun and water are in the must do list. So keep an eye in the blog for more information and until next time.

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