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Korea Travel :: Korea Traditional markets in Daegu

Let's first introduce about our team 'Dachaeroum' which mean 'The Colorful' and its program of one night and two days program.

So, Should we first visit the Seomun Market which is one of biggest Traditional market in Daegu. Seomun market literally mean is the "Western Gate Market.  

The 3rd line has opened few days ago in Daegu, So it is easy to get down just near the Seomun Market.
But before making plan to visit here, please keep one thing in mind  that Seomun Market do not open and on the first and third Sunday of the every month.

Seomun Market can be seen the full of people in the every weekend!
There are many foods which travelers can enjoy in the Seomun Market in very cheap price and can experience the authentic taste of Korea. 

First we would like to introduce the most representative food that is called Khalkuksu' in Korean. Khalkuksoo literally means is 'Knife chopped noodle'! 
So one must not exclude the yummy 'Khalkuksu' dish when you are going to visit Seomun Market.

If you want to enjoy Khalkukso and Sujebi together, 
then you should order the Khalkuksu+Sujebi menu that come in one dish.
It is also called 'Khaljebi' in the local dialect, and you can add the 'Boribap' as the extra dish that is also known as the one of mouth watering dish of Korea. Sujebi is also one of the Korean traditional food and it is a kind of Korean style Pasta'. 'Boribap' literally means is 'Boiled Barley rice', and it made by the Barley rice.   

After having the yummy lunch,
you can also enjoy the fresh juice!
There are grape, orange, lemon and other fresh fruit juice are available.
You can also try the cold rice melt drink called 'Shikhy'.    

You can see the Korean traditional dress 'Hanbok' on the second block of Seomun Market.

Seomun Market is also famous for the fabric items.

They can make well designed clothes, bags If you order them, but it is little pricey. 

you can also try Korean traditional pancake as the snack. 

Sticky and chewy Susubukumi(Millet pancake)!

Apart from this, Seomun market is the place where you can find every things of the dailylife like different kind of clothes, utensils and traditional Korean bowls, shoes and blankets. 

After having a good experience in the Seomun Market, if you have some more time visit, then we would like to recommend you the Modern Cultural Alley on the 10 minutes walking distance from the Seomun Market.

There are several Modern Cultural Alley course, but we will experience it in the next time according to the each course.

There is a Medical Missionary Museum located in the Dongsan hospital.  

And you can see the missionary's houses built in the early 1900's near by this.  

After coming down to the street of March First independent movement of Korea you can experience many things. 

You can also enjoy the Gyesan Cathedral which was built in 1902, and it is one of most three famous cathedral in Korea.

In the second day!

We have visited the Kyodong Market that is in the center of Daegu.
In Kyodong market, they do not sell the fruits and vegetables like the other traditional market of Korea, it is famous for the jewelry items, military items, electronics item and shoes etc.  

Kyodong market is generally famous for the Jewellery street. 

Interestingly, there is the lucky stone according to the birth month on the ground of street. 

Apart from the street jewellery shop, there is a separate Jewellery town in the market.
There is also a photo zone of golden color wings for the visitor attraction. 

This is the place where many couples visit for the wedding jewelry item. 

Apart from this, there is many jewelry shops here,
and they also design and make the jewel and sell it on the special order.

Next, There is 'Meokja' which mean 'Let's eat' street in the Kyodong market.
In the early time, people were selling the 'Flat Mandu' on the street, and it was very interesting to eat but now it is difficult to find that. Now they only available in the market shops.     

Flat Mandu is very famous and delicious food item and we would like to strongly recommend to every visitor to taste it.

And you can see the cuttlefish fried pancake with the full of visible cuttlefish.
This is the Kyodong Market's 'Let's eat' street where you can enjoy the sufficient food with your travel mate in only ten thousand Korean won.

There is one more street in the Kyodong market that is known as the 'Yankee street'!
You can also see the selling item store and imported cookies store etc on the street. 

Let's enjoy Daegu's attractive markets!

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