Monday, April 13, 2015

Daegu's tour spots related to 'water' to commemorate of the 7th World Water Forum 2015

Daegu's Tour spots related to 'water' to commemorate of the 7th World Water Forum 2015.

The world's biggest water festival, the World Water Forum, is being held in Daegu EXCO beginning April 12 to April 17.

A TV entertainment program 'Running Man' previously introduced some places related to water before.
We, Daegu Travel has prepared tour spots where you can see aquatic sports and the nature of Daegu in Korea to commemorate of the World Water forum.

Dansanji (Bongmu Park)

Dansanji, one of the places included in the six-course Daegu 'Olle Road', is where you walk around and see the beautiful sights of water and nature in harmony.

For the information of everyone, 'Olle Road' is a walking tour course where they select fine paths to tread along.

Also, one can enjoy aquatic leisure sports in the summer.
One can blow away the scorching temperatures of Daegu by water leisure sports such as water-skiing, water bikes, and banana boats.

Bongmu Park, which is connected to Dansanji, has a butterfly museum and is used as a learning space for children.

How to go to Dansanji (Bongmu park)

- Address: 66, Palgong-ro 50-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
- Public transportation : buses 101, 101-1, 401. get off at Bongmu Park

Hajungdo (River Island)

Hajungdo (River Island) is a small island made of watercourses. 
It is tranquil because of its popularity even among Daegu people.

It has been this figure now because of the piling up of the sediments carried by the river for a prolonged period.

You can spot the river island covered with rape blossoms in the spring, and Cosmoses in fall.
The beautiful views of the river island can be wonderfully captured by photography.

▶ How to go to Hajungdo (River Island)

- Address: 1477-2, Nogok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
- Public transportation : buses 칠곡2, 북구3. get off at Nogok-dong

How was our introduction of Daegu's tour spots related to 'water' to commemorate the World Water Forum 2015?

If you would like to sight a cool and fair view of nature, visit Daegu's water tour spots.

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