Thursday, April 2, 2015

Daegu City Tour Bus: Open Top, Hop-on, Hop-off City Tour Bus for tourists

Get on the Open top bus to have a comfortable Daegu tour while enjoying the cool air.

Since the 21st of March 2015, a two-floor-open-top type of city tour bus has been introduced and operational

The Daegu city tour bus’route starts from the first point which is the Dongdaegu Station then to the other 14 stations from 9:30 to 18:40 with an interval of 40 minutes.

The convenient thing about it is that it is a Hop-on, Hop-off bus that allows you to get off at the station to look around and get on to the next bus.

The bus is painted with children’s favorite character TAYO,a little bus.

It is easy to find since it is conspicuously red in color.  

The front part of the 2nd floor of the bus has big glasses on the roof and the sides, while the rear part is open. Because of the whole glass, you can sightsee without missing anything while seated on the front seat. 

You can see the outside at a glance while holding on to a safety bar.

Monorail Line 3 is passing by above. 

If you do not like the cold or if you have carsickness, you may take the seats on the 1st floor since there are seats there, too.

Moreover, if you take the city tour bus, you can listen to the cultural heritage commentator who shares interesting stories and describes the famous spots along the way.

Daegu is opening a subway up to Line 3 in April.

Many tourists visit Daegu because it is a city that is reputable for its tourism and that has a convenient transportation system.

- Operation hours 
  9:30am ~ 6:40pm (No operation on Mondays, Seolnal New Years Day, and Chuseok Thanksgiving Day)

- Starting point 
  Daegu City Tour Bus Stop in front of Dongdaegu Train Station

- Fares 
  5,000won for adults & university students, 4,000won for middle & high school students, 3,000won for elementary school students, seniors & the disabled.

※ 20% fare discount for
- Passengers who have a train or express bus ticket for the same day.
- Passengers in groups of over 10 persons.
- Foreign tourists (with hotel voucher).

※ Allows for freely embarking and disembarking the city tour bus with a one time ticket purchase.

- Information & reservation
Daegu Infrastructure Corporation : +82-53-603-1800,

※ Reservation for group tours : +82-53-603-1154
* Alley tour program is available separately using the Alley Tour App (application)

Also, bundled discount is given when presenting your Daegu city tour bus boarding pass for others. Check below.

[ 20% Off ]
- E-World day use voucher
- Apsan cable car round-trip ticket
- The Style guest house
- The Hanok & Spa
- Coffee Myeong-ga (limited to coffee at certain enterprises : Kimkwangseok alley, Camp fire)

[10% Off ] 
- Chicken restaurants in Pyeonghwa market
- Bangogae Muchimhwe Alley(certain enterprises)
- Old GuamSeowon (Guam Lecture Hall)
- Pann Guest hosue
- My coffecal Romance (Suseong Direct Management Store) (limited to ice flakes with syrup and waffle)
- The Grill (Direct management store)

[3,000 won Off] 
- Suseong Land ticket + 1 ride

[half plate of heart for free]
- Anjirang alley 

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