Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Colorful Merrymaking at the Dalgubeol Lantern Festival 2015

The season for lanterns is coming!
Dalgubeol Lantern Festival will be held in colorful Daegu to celebrate Buddha’s birthday.

The Korean traditional lantern festival has been continued from United Silla Period long long time ago, now it is the one of popular festivals everyone can enjoy every year! 

The lantern festival starts from 2nd through 5th and 9th of May 2015.
Sincheon will be filled with colorful lanterns shining.

There will be events, performances and a parade during the lantern festival 2015. 

The event, floating lanterns will be located at the waterside of Sincheon between Jungdong bridge and Huimang bridge at 19:00~21:00pm from 2nd~5th of May.

The parade will start at Duryu baseball stadium at 20:00pm on the 9th of May. 
It will pass by Duryu intersection and keep moving to Banwoldang intersection.

[Major events during the Lantern Festival 2015]

Making & Floating lanterns
Date - 19:00~21:00pm, 2nd~5th of May 2015
Venue : Waterside of Sincheon between Jungdong bridge and Huimang bridge

Date - 19:00~21:00pm, 2nd~9th of May 2015
Venue : Stage at Waterside of Sincheon near Jungdong bridge

▲ Jungdong bridge, Daegu, Korea

Ceremony & Flying lanterns
Date - 18:30pm, 9th of May 2015 
Venue : Duryu baseball stadium

Date - 20:00pm, 9th of May 2015 
Venue : Starting at Duryu baseball stadium - Duryu intersection - Banwoldang intersection

▲ Duryu baseball stadium, Daegu, Korea

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