Thursday, April 9, 2015

‘Cheongna Unduk’(Cheongna Hill), Daegu Tour with a Korean Culture & Tourism Guide

Many tourists, as well as the people of Daegu city, look for the tourist spots of Daegu. 
However, they usually pass by without knowing the historical background of the spots.

Because of this, the Korean Culture & Tourism Guides at every tourist spot will tour the sites in Daegu and narrate descriptions and many interesting stories for the tourists. 

In 2015, the Korea Tourism Organization selected ‘The 100 must-go representative tourist spots in Korea’, and ‘Geundae Golmok’(Modern Street), ‘Dasigeurigi Gil of Gwang Seok Kim, Bangcheon Sijang’ (Repainting street of Gwang Seok Kim, Bangcheon Market),and ‘Anjirang Gopchang Golmok’ (Anjirang Small Intestine Street) were the three places that were chosen. 

Among the three selected places, the first place I would like to introduce is Daegu’s Cheongna Unduk (Cheongna Hill). 
It is one of the necessary tourist trails of Daegu and it is included in the two courses of Geundae Golmok tour.

On the way to Cheongna Unduk, the peach blossoms are already falling because the sun is present most of the time.

This is the Korean Culture & Tourism Guide who explained Cheongna Unduk and the entire hill when I visited. 

Cheongna Unduk is a place that is silent yet beautiful with its unusual scenery, and it was the base of Christianity when it first tried to take root and settle in the community of Daegu.

It is also where the memories of the composer “Tae Jun Park” is.

Isn’t there a saying about the common thing for all the men in the world which says that first love of men will be remembered forever?

Cheongna Unduk is the also place related to composer Tae Jun Park’s first love.

Poet Eun Sang Lee, who heard the story, made this episode into lyrics and created a song called ‘Thinking of friend’ with the melody Tae Jun Park composed.

If you go to CheongnaUnduk, aside from the monument of ‘Thinking of friend’, exotic Western style, apple tree, Garden of Grace, Je-il Church, among others, can be seen. 
This place is where the missionaries who preached Catholic doctrine stayed. 

Moreover, you can take a look at the styles of the buildings that are traditional yet modern in the House of Chamness, a medical museum, House of Blair, an education and history museum, among others.

Aside from that, you can hear stories about the Garden of Grace where other missionaries, who spent their lives in Korea, are buried, 3.1 Manse-Gil (Hurray Street), Je-il Church, and other places from Korean Culture & Tourism Guide.

Come to Daegu in person and enjoy it with your own eyes.

[Guide of booth operations of the Korean Culture & Tourism Guide of Cheongna Unduk]

  1. Opening days : Mon~Sun
  2. Opening hours : 10:00~17:00 (Oct~Feb) / 10:00~18:00 (Mar~Sep)
  • English Korean Culture & Tourism Guide : First Thursday, third Monday
  • Japanese Korean Culture & Tourism Guide : Every Wednesday, first and second Saturday.
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          Tel : +82-53-424-6407

    3.  How to get to Cheongna Unduk(Cheongna Hill)

  • Address : Dongsan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
  • Public Transportation : Get off at Shinnam Station (at Keimyung University Dongsan Hospital), Subway Line 2. 15 minutes-walk from exit 5. 

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