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Attractive Tourist place and Abundant Water Reservoir of Daegu

Water: A Life
Suseong Lake : Attractive Tourist place and abundant Water Reservoir of Daegu

There is a deficiency of freshwater storage throughput the world. 
The need for freshwater will become more acute due to rapid climate changed as a result of global warming. It is very critical to meet the water need of twenty first century through a combination of ground water, building larger or smaller lakes, and dams. 
Water storage for daily use of people and for future use as well is very important for South Korea. Research and development are needed and going on in South Korea for exploring the ideas to manage and store the freshwater.
As compared to the world average of rain of 937mm, South Korea collects a fair amount of rain: around 1,274mm. South Korea can discharge its 50% supplied water from storage.

Suseong Lake is one of the storage reservoir of Daegu city. It is not just a water reservoir but it is built in such a way with high investment, which attracts the visitors and tourists. Lake Suseong blessed with the superb microclimate that leaves you searching for fancy words to capture its gorgeousness. Due to its flawless beauty and appealing colors, it is the most beautiful lake to visit.

Beautiful and attractive "Suseong Lake" is in Suseong District(Suseong-gu) of Daegu, in southeastern side in Dusan-dong(Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea).
The lake is surrounded by stunning mountains and lustrous apartments, restaurants, coffee shops, walking tracks, which make the lake ridiculously striking. Highlights of Suseong Lake is given in this article, which shows its beauty and attraction for tourists.

  • The colorful lightening around the lack enhanced the attractiveness of the lake to a greater extent along with its beautiful stunning background.

  • Many kinds of fish, water birds, like Duck and Drake are attracts people to visit there all the years and it will add up your pleasure of touring Lake Suseong.

  • Good-looking duck-shaped boats can be rented for tourists to float around the lake.

  • The 6.5 trillion won project expanded the walking area, which includes a wooden boardwalk surrounded by lights that gives it a warm look as it overlooks the still water.

  • The quaint small eye-catching island is held in the northeast side of the lake. Look gorgeous especially with lights at night.

  • Though the winter, sever wind and cold may scare some people away, a warm cup of coffee from one of the coffee shops on north side of the island will make you calm. Moreover, the surrounding area, particularly on the east and south-east side of the lake, you can easily find a lot of classy restaurants.

  • The spring will bring the charming cherry blossoms, and the warmer air at the surrounding of the Lake, Specifically trail that goes around the whole lake. About half the trail is covered by tress.

  • You can also discover small amusement park attached with Suseong Lake Resort area which rises the pleasure level of the children.

  • What about when you get tired, or when you just want to surf your time by chit chat with someone special while setting with silent water side? For you, benches are provided around the lake with an outstanding view.
  • You will also provide with music to rest your soul with local singers; Special concerts are also being held on some events.

How to Reach There?

It is very interesting and notable tourist destination that must be visited. You should visits at least once with your family and friends. You can easily find public transport to reach there.

  • By Public Transportation 
Take Green Line(Line 2) and get off at Beomeo station. Take exit 3 and catch bus 814 or Suseong 1-1.

  • By Taxi
Copy this and show/say to your driver: "Suseongmot (수성못)" 

  • By Bus
You can reach the lake by taking bus numbers 104, 204, 401, 404, 405, 424, 434, 439, 449, 564, or 704 to Suseong Lake (Suseongmot). 

Address:  Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea ‎

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