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(2) Recommendation of Daegu's tour spots in Korea to commemorate of the World Water Forum

Recommendation of Daegu's tour spots in Korea to commemorate of the World Water Forum

The 2015 World Water Forum opened 12th April in Daegu EXCO and Gyeongju HICO, and its fever is being continued until now.

As experts from each country come together, we hope it can be a time to solve water-related issues that will save humanity.

What destinations related to 'water' are worth visiting in Daegu, where the World Water Forum is held?

We guide you to the second recommended place in Daegu that has water.

[Samunjin ferry]

Samunjin Ferry is an old ferry located in Hwawon hill.

Because of its geographical characteristic of connecting Nakdong River and Geumho River, it was also an important place of transportation during the Joseon Dynasty.

Today, it is being loved by many tourists as a travel destination.

The feeling of riding a cruise while watching the sunset is unutterably cool.

Another thing, the charm of Samunjin Ferry, the inn town!
Korea's traditional foods, Pajeon (green onion pancake), Makgeolli (traditional Korean liquor made of rice), and banquet noodles are available, making decent meals possible.

▶ How to go to Samunjin Ferry
- Public transportation : buses 달성1, 650, 607, get off at Hwawon Recreation Area

Address : 310, Seongsan-ri, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

[Ansim Wetland _ Banyawol Lotus Complex]

The second recommended destination is the Ansim wetland.(Banyawol Lotus Complex)

The Ansim wetland located in Dong-gu, Daegu is an eco-friendly place that presents people unique scenery and provides animals and plants with an important habits.

The most famous part of the Ansim wetland is the lotus complex.
The Banyawol Lotus complex is a lotus monocultural site as wide as 55ha, it is also the largest lotus root cultivation complex in Korea.

In the summer season, you will be able to see wonderful scenery of many lotus flowers filling up the whole lotus complex.

The beautiful and azure Banyawol full of lotus flowers, remember and try visiting!

▶ How to go to Ansim Wetland _ Banyawol Lotus Complex
- 10 min walk from the Exit 4 of Ansim station, subway line 1

Address : 728, Daerim-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

[Dongchon Recreation Area]

The last destination we recommend in Daegu is Dongchon Recreation Are.

The Dongchon Recreation Area located along the Geumho riverside is aplace where you can enjoy various leisure activities.

Firstly, it is the best place for riding a bicycle because of the well decorated bicycle lanes around the riverside.

Additionally, the Dongchon Parkland amusement park and many famous restaurants surround the area.

▲ Photo : provided from Daegu Dong-gu office

You can also see the OngkiJongki happy village decorated as a mural village near the old Dongchon station, which was remodeled as a library.

A city which is a basin surrounded by mountains; in Daegu, recreational places and tourist spots with water that provides coolness are waiting for you.

▶ How to go to Dongchon Recreation Area
- Public transportation :  buses 521, 106, 651, 북구3, get off at Ayang Art Center

Address : 1314 Hyomok-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

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