Friday, December 12, 2014

Famous places for winter date at Daegu / Enjoy a romantic date under the beautiful lights! _ Daegu Outdoor Lighting

It is winter, a romantic season!
Especially, there is a Christmas in December!

You see fancy decorations here and there and your heart gets flutter!

Celebrating the romantic winter, Daegu has transformed fancily. 
Beautiful outdoor lightings are installed at every corner of the city for the preparation of the end and beginning of the year that you may express ‘the night at Daegu is more beautiful that the day.’
Installed on December 1, Daegu outdoor lighting fancily embroiders the night at Daegu until the New-Year Holidays! 
Shall we look where these are installed? 

Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park
Milky way lighting,
heart tunnel, photo zone

December 1, 2014
~ February 22, 2015
2.28 Memorial Central Park
Petal milky way lighting,
red ball
Citizen’s Hall
Milky way lighting
Milky way lighting,
LED shape lamps
2 routes including Duryu crossroad
Milky way lighting,
LED shape lamps
North gate of Kyungpook National University
Milky way lighting
Beom-eo crossroad
Milky way lighting
Jukjeon crossroad
Milky way lighting
Milky way lighting
December 13, 2014
~ February 22, 2015
Samgakji Crossroad
Milky way lighting
Entrance of Hwawon Recreation Area
Milky way lighting
You can view the outdoor lightings from 5:30pm when sun starts to set until 11:00pm!
The fancy lights disappear if you miss the time! So, be reminded of the time!

Don’t just stay home because it is cold! How about going out on a date with friends, lover, and family? Take pretty pictures too!

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