Thursday, October 24, 2013

Special Street series 9/Gydong Market streets tell Daegu’s old stories

October, when you can feel the fall breeze ~
It’s already the ninth story of our special street tours.
Today we would like to introduce Gyodong Market that involves Dauge’s long history and traditions.
Here, Yankee Street, Jewelry Street, Food Street, Electronics Street are all formed around Dokkaebi Market.

We first went to Gyodong Electronics Street
This place sells electronics including computers, audio equipment, and records. It was once very well know as the Mecca of Daegu’s PC market.

Due to the tablet PC and online market boom, now the number decreased significantly. However, there are still stores selling second hand computers and audio systems on that street.

Once out of the Electronics Street you will soon find yourself in the loud Dokkaebi Market.

The Food Street of Gyodong Market is full of great smelling food.
Cheap and plenty!

There are clothing and accessory shops in the first and second floor of the Dokkaebi Market shopping area.
There is a fashion show using these clothing at the Hanmaeum Festival that is held every year at Gyodong Market.

The camera shops of the Gyodong Market are also famous!
You can witness everything related to cameras including camera repairs and trading second hand cameras.

Once you pass the Bungea Market, you will recognize military look clothing.
This is the Yankee Street ~~
You can buy imported items including various military daily supplies and foreign snacks.

Last but not least is the Jewelry Street that has been designated as the fashion jewelry zone.
Everything from production, manufacturing, to distribution takes place in Jewelry Street.
It welcomes customers with a clean street that it manages with the jewelry town.
Gyodong Market not only has various items but also the generosity of people.

We look forward to Gyodong Market’s future development that will carry on Daegu’s long history and traditions.

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