Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Experience a beautiful world of artwork. 2013 Daegu Contemporary Art Festival

In 1970, there was a place in Daegu which was heated up by the creative passion of contemporary artists.
That place is none other than Gangjeongbo.
Gangjeongbo, which is at the point where Nakdong River and Geumho River meet, is currently a place loved by Daegu citizens because the Water Culture Center and The Arc Center are located here.
This place, which boasts its beautiful scenery!!

Here, contemporary artists in Daegu prepared the 2013 Daegu Contemporary Art Festival under the theme 'Going to Gangjeong'.

'Would you like to sit down?'
As if it would touch the blue sky.. a big chair.. beautiful, right? 

'Package delivery!' The sky delivered
For each artwork, their names and meanings are contained.

You can see various artworks on the field as well.

'~in this direction'
What are you looking at?
Doesn’t it match well with The Arc shown in the back?

'Castle of Tetris'
The color is really good!

'Rocks with stories'
You can even see artwork on top of the water flowing around The Arc.

What’s next if you’ve finished walking around The Arc and seeing all the artworks?
Enjoy some water fun at the cool The Arc fountain. ^^

View the various contemporary art works by artists, and have a fun time at Gangjeongbo, also called 'the largest water gate of the East'.

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