Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[Daegu's Unique Cafes] Daegu's unique bingsu battle! What is your choice?

This hot summer~ a snack that will blast away the heat immediately!!
A snack that represents the summer~ bingsu !! At Daegu~ what kind of bingsu will there be?
Bingsus are delicious~ visually attractive~ and even cold!! Let's blow away the irritating heat this summer with bingsu!! ^^

Recommendation 1. cup of joe
Cup of joe, located at the front gate of Keimyung University Daemyung campus! Also called joe coffee~ the cold, sweet, and delicious bingsu sold at this place is the hottest menu in the summer! Apart from bingsu, they also sell coffee, juice, and even various desserts. ^^

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Recommendation 2. My Coffeecal Romance
My Coffeecal Romance located at the Cafe Street at Dongseongno, Daegu! Don't your mouth just water by looking at the photos?
Pomelo bingsu!! A unique bingsu ~ where you can't taste anywhere else ! Sweet honey mixed with pomelo~ it has a sweet and sour taste.

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Recommendation 3. Flying Ppangcha
Flying Ppangcha located at Keimyung University Daemyung campus. Many students come here to eat a light brunch before class starts. Now with the hot summer around the corner! Its bingsu is also a hit!! Isn't the size of it really big?

Recommendation 4. Assam
Assam, located at the Cafe Street in Apsan, Daegu!!  With a neat interior~ and a quiet atmosphere! It's extremely famous for its waffles. A cozy cafe where you can chat with friends. The bingsu at this place! It's taste is definitely one of the best~

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Recommendation 6. Sikhoo Ddeng
Sikhoo Ddeng, located near Daegu's Myungduk station~ Isn't the cafe name really funny? Coffee, drinks, and even bingsu at a relatively cheap price! They also have huge serving portions.~~

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