Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[Tour] Fall into Keimyung University!

Fall into Keimyung University!

Keimyung University is one of the most beautiful campuses in Korea. It’s composed of three campuses and each campus is named for their locations within the city, Daemyeong, Seongseo, and Dongsan.

Keimyung University is famous for its red brick buildings which exude exotic atmosphere. Because of the exotic atmosphere and beautiful landscape, it’s also known for being the setting of dramas and movies. Famous Korean Dramas “Boys Over Flowers” was filmed at KNU Seongseo campus, and hallyu drama “Love rain” and Movie “Ditto” were shoot at KNU Daemyung campus.
I will introduce KMU Seongseo campus first. To get there, take subway line no2 and get off at Keimyung University Station

The first building you would see when you take exit 7 from the subway station is Keimyung Art Center. Many plays, concerts, musicals and Operas have been held at this place and Daegu International Musical Festival takes place at the art center every year.

Walk straight until you see the East gate of KMU from there. A beautiful metasequoia tree road came into my view as i pass the east gate. The leaves of the trees have been beautifully tinged.

To get to the main building of the University, go up the stairs when you come to a fork in the road after passing the tree road. The main building was magnificent and it looked antique and elegant.

Benches behind the college of Social Science building are good places to take a rest.

Keimyung Hanhakchon is one of the must-see attractions at the campus. It recreated the scene of a traditional house to introduce Korean culture, not only to students of the university but to Daegu citizens and all visitors. I felt like I am in a tranquil temple rather than a campus.

The small pond in the Hanhakchon has the beautiful and mysterious oriental views. People were sitting and relaxing in the gazebo.

If you want to see the view of Seongseo area, I recommend you to go to the Adam's chapel which is the highest building of the KNU. This is the representative building of the university because it's a christian university and a place for students to attend chapel. (Attendance at chapel is mandatory for freshmen.)
Visit KNU, one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation while the whole campus is full of autumn flavors.


● Address

   : 1000-2 Sindang-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, South Korea


   : 305, 402, 405, 425, 503, 508, 521, 527, 564, 655, 805, Dalseo1, Dalseo2, Dalseo3, Seongseo1, Seongseo 1-1, Seongseo2, Rapid1


   : Take line 2 and get off at Keimyung Univ. Station.

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