Friday, June 10, 2011

Three Korea’s Tourist Information Hotlines

The 1330 tt call center, operated by the Korea Tourism Organization, is a one-stop helpline available as a public service for local and international travelers.
* The meaning of tt call : ‘tt” stands for thirteen-thirty, the number to
   remember when dialing the call center, as well as ‘Travel-Telephone’, 
  ‘Tourism-Technology’ and ‘Travel-Tips’.
1330 is a free service. Callers are charged standard rates for a regular phone call.                
How to Dial 1330
From a Landline in Korea: 1330
Calls from Seoul are directed to the KTO 1330 Call Center; calls from other areas are directed to the nearest regional tourist information center.
All calls received after regular business hours will be directed to the 1330 Call Center in Seoul.
From a Mobile Phone: Area code + 1330
(ex. for Seoul: 02-1330)
Connection fees vary by carrier. No additional fees apply.
From Overseas:+82-Area code-1330
(ex. for Seoul: +82-2-1330)
Omit the ‘0’ in front of the area code when dialing from overseas.
[Area code]
Seoul (0)2
Gyeonggi (0)31
Incheon (0)32
Gangwon (0)33
Chungnam (0)41
Daejeon (0)42
Chungbuk (0)43
Busan (0)51
Ulsan (0)52
Daegu (0)53
Gyeongbuk (0)54
Gyeongnam (0)55
Jeonnam (0)61
Gwangju (0)62
Jeonbuk (0)63
Jeju (0)64
Whenever and Wherever you come across difficulty in communicating with Korean people, Call at 1588-5644
 How to Dial 1588-5644
  Step 1. Dial at 1588-5644
  Step 2. Choose your language and then press the extention number.
  * Volunteer translator will assist you immediately.
English : 1
Portuguese : 9
Japanese : 2
Arabic : 10
Chinese : 3
Polish : 11
French : 4
Turkishi : 12
Spanish : 5
Swedish : 13
Italian : 6
Thai : 14
Russian : 7
Vietnamese : 15
German : 8
Indonesian & Malay : 16
One-call service for inquiries on life and tourism in Seoul.
The 120 Dasan Call Center provides foreigners, travelling through and living in Seoul, with a variety of information services about life, transportation, and tourism services.
☎ 120 Foreign Language Service
How to use : Dial (02) 120, Press 9 select 1 for English, 2 for Chinese, 3 for Japanese, 4 for Vietnamese or 5 for Mongolian
Call Center Hours : 09:00~22:00, all year round
Service Areas : interpretation, information about everyday life in Seoul, 
public transportation, reservations (for hotels, innostels, concerts, movies, international taxi, etc.)
Here is just a phone call away when
1.     You need an interpreter in a taxi.
2.     You need information about restaurants in specific areas in Seoul.
3.     You want information regarding various bus routes.
4.     You want to convert foreign driver license into Korean license.
5.     You want to know when the last subway leaves ______ Station.
6.     You need to report lost items left on public transportation.
7.     You need an interpreter when shopping.
8.     You want to file a complaint about something.
9.     You need an interpreter at your hotel.
10.   You want to order a pizza over the phone. 

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