Thursday, June 2, 2011

KCTA 2011 DIGITAL CABLE TV SHOW - Media big bang show spreads out before us

KCTA 2011 DIGITAL CABLE TV SHOW - Media big bang show spreads out before us

On May 12, KCTA 2011 DIGITAL CABLE TV SHOW was held in EXCO Daegu.
A lot of banners and standing wreaths were welcoming visitors to the show in the lobby.

The opening ceremony was co-hosted by celebrity soldier, Jun-gi LEE and TCN cable newscaster, Min-jung Jung.

KCTA(Korea Cable Television & Telecommunications Associations) officials and Mayor of Daegu, Bum-il KIM declared the commence of splendid ceremony with his welcome speech.  
M-shaped entrance of exhibition hall seemed to indicate M of MEDIA and participated booths were very spectacular.

CJ Hello Vision under the slogan of ‘Future of smart home cable’ exhibited various technology products like cable modem, HDTV, TV video call and instant messaging.

And the Game Conference “e-fun 2011” was also held in company with the digital cable TV show. Prime game makers in domestic and abroad attended this show and prepared various games to enjoy.

In Microsoft’s booth, console games like virtual dance and beach volleyball using motion capture tech were very popular.

Here is Neowiz Games booth where has lots of online FPS games like Special Force, Cross Fire and A.V.A which are very popular amongst people.

We found Disney Channel’s booth and knew Disney Channel and Disney Junior will launch into the domestic market this July.

In addition to that, there were games and characters of gaming powerhouse from Japan and China.

Meanwhile, there is the most prominent booth on the side of exhibition. That was LG booth which looks like PC game room but wearing 3D glasses is essential to enjoy properly.

Visitors were absorbed in the game with 3D glasses. 

This digital cable TV shows was not a simple exhibition but a great opportunity to experience daily developing new technology and digital services like 3D TV and smart TV.

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