Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Familiarization Tour of traveling blogger press #2

After satisfactory lunch, we moved to Korea’s first Museum of Natural Dye Arts where people can experience dyeing practice using natural materials.

We became single day apprentice and had experience of dyeing handkerchief.

With chopsticks and rubber bands, you can easily make Diamond-shaped and star-shaped handkerchief for two hours’ dyeing process. 

In exhibit hall next to experience room, displays jewelry craft goods made by Korean and international artisans. 

After the experience, we moved to safety educational center, Daegu safety theme park, designed for keeping a 2.18 Daegu subway tragic arson attack as a lesson in our mind. 

This citizens' safety theme park is for citizens' safety education and safety culture to make citizens feel the importance of safety through experience education. 

In here, you can have safety experience of various daily disaster situations in subway, mountain, and earthquake.

We were very sorry to see the exhibition of burnt subway and scene of arson in 2.28 and had experience of escaping from the smoke by instruction of guide. 

Then, we moved to Daegu Bangchun market and the memorial concert for the late Korean folk singer, Kwang Seok KIM was holding by his fans inside of market. 

There’s road named after him beneath old embankment. We were lost in old memories of him with hearing his songs and watching murals of him.

The first day of Daegu tour ended with meaningful concert.

Let’s meet on next posting about second day of tour.

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