Monday, June 13, 2011

The core of Korean culture and the heart of Yeongnam tourism, Daegu

Daegu(Daegu Metropolitan City) is historical city which has gone through the Silla Kingdom (57 BC – 935 AD), Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392) and made its rapid progress since the relocation of Supreme Local Government Office (Gyeongsang gamyoung) from Andong to Daegu in Joseon Dynasty (1601).

Especially, it is known as the home of study since the Joseon Dynasty and the construction of modern educational institutions were active at the time of enlightenment.

In addition, Daegu was the place of National debt repayment movement which is a fertile ground for the March 1st movement during the occupation of the Korean Empire and 2.28 movement for democracy to resist the dictatorship in 1960. 


Daegu is a basin surrounded by low mountains like Mt. Palgongsan to the north, Mt. Biseulsan to the south.The Geumhogang River flows along the northern and eastern edges of the city, joins the Nakdonggang River, west of the city. 


Daegu is famous for its hot and humid weather so the city government has planted lots of trees in order to overcome this kind of environment.Because of this endeavor, Daegu has been selected as Solar City and the world’s leading environmental city by the International Energy Agency(IEA).

*Solar City: Key goals of this program are to enhance and promote green gas emissions reduction technology and related industries in order to stabilize earth climate and maintain sustainable development through the whole city. Daegu participated in this project since Nov 2000.


Daegu is located from 300km from the Capital, Seoul and away 120km from Busan and the hub of the Korean inland traffic.

Currently, Daegu has been developed as world-class city such as the political, economic, administrative, transportational, and cultural center.


Since the late 90s, Daegu had completed infrastructure of fashion industry through Milan project to promote high value-added textile industry and specifically established R&D infrastructure and intensively fostered future knowledge-based industries like telecommunications, nanotechnology, mobile and biotechnology to build foundation as R&D hub city.

Now Daegu is growing as ‘Business-friendly city’ by various business supporting activities.

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