Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cafe and restaurants in Daegu's Rodeo Street

Rodeo Street is the small street that runs north/south through the area and is home to most bars that are frequented by foreigners. 

          In this video, students show you around the area before going to drink soju in a     
          unique pub located inside a remodeled bus. ->

Here are the cafes and restaurants in Daegu's Rodeo Street.

1. Frypan(chicken) 
2. Gulliver's travels(Western) 
3. design factory (cafe)
4. About(cafe)
5. Cafe Lucid (cafe)
6. Cafe Kori (cafe)
7. Ahn Coffee (cafe)
8. Kraze Burger (fast food)
9. Bonita Coffee (cafe)
10. Bi Daily (cafe)
11. Mr. Big (Burgers) 
12. Pepper Mill (Italian)
13. My sausage (Hot Dogs)

14. Baskin Robbins (ice cream)
15. kimbap Chonguk (Low-cost Korean)
16. Davinci (Cafe) 
17. Hands coffee ( cafe) 
18. Die Torte (cafe)
19. holy grill (western)
20. berkeley (cafe)
21. rana's place (cafe) 
22. El bethel (cafe)
23. 2nd (fusion)
24. Dijon (mediterranean)
25. Into (mediterranean)
26. Xing Dao (Chinese)
27. Gorilla Burger (burger)
28. LeAmo (Italian)
29. Hong Kong (Chinese)
30. Toast and fruit (fast food) 
31. Wong (Japanese)
32. ChaCha(Chinese)
33. Seoga Cook (Western)
34. Aellia Coffee(coffee)
35. Panhouse (fusion) 
36. Road to India (Indian Food)
37. Corner Bistro(cafe)
38. Vin cafe (cafe)
39. Creeks (kebabs)
40. Uncle jun's (australian cafe)

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