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Beat the heat, Try Eating! - Recommended Korean Summer Dishes and Desserts

If you've ever visited Korea during the summer months, you will experience extremely hot weather. So to encourage you to eat some Korean Summer Dishes and Desserts, here's a list of foods to cool you down:

1. Samgyetang (Chicken Ginseng Soup)

Samgyetang is a variety of guk or Korean soup, which primarily consists of a whole youngchicken and Korean ginseng. 

Samgyetang is traditionally served in the summer for its supposed nutrients, which replaces those lost through excessive sweating and physical exertion during the hot summers in Korea.

Recommended Restaurants in Daegu:

>> Guemgok Samgyetang <<

This place already has a reputation in the city for having the best Samgyetang (Chicken Ginseng Soup). The soup tastes very crisp and has no peculiar smell of chicken. It is very lean and savory. The chicken meat is not so dry but chewy and soft. Jeongigui Tongdak (Whole Roasted Chicken) is roasted in salt, offering lean meat and tasty skin.

- Telephone : 053-424-4449 
- Address : 46-5 Gongpyeong-dong Jung-gu Daegu
- Closed : Closed on Korean traditional holidays(New year day, Chuseok) 
- Operation Hours : 11:00 ~ 22:00
- Maximum Seating Capacity : 140 
- Parking Facility : Not available

>> Guemsan Samgyetang <<

Its abundant parking lot and excellent interior make it a perfect place to entertain even foreign guests. The harmony of juicy, soft chicken, ginseng and glutinous rice creates a taste that no one can`t resist. This restaurant operates with a desire to be called the best Samgyetang place in Daegu.

- Telephone : 053-761-9331 
- Address : 320-1 Sang-dong Suseong-gu Daegu
- Closed : Closed on Korean traditional holidays(New year day, Chuseok) 
- Operation Hours : Open 24hours in everyday
- Maximum Seating Capacity : 400 
- Parking Facility : 50

2. Naeungmyeon (Cold Buckwheat Noodles)

Naengmyeon is a Korean dish of long and thin hand-made noodles made from the flour and starch of various ingredients.

Naengmyeon is served in a large stainless bowl with a tangy iced broth, julienned cucumbers (Korean cucumbers are like the gourmet cukes. 

Recommended Restaurants in Daegu:

This restaurant has a 55 years of history. Noodles for Pyeongyang Naengmyeon (Pyeongyang style cold buckwheat noodle) is made from 70% buckwheat and 30% sweet potato starch, and noodles for Hamheung Naengmyeon (Hamheung style cold buckwheat noodle) is made from 100% sweet potato starch. The beef broth is flavored with beef shank and beef belly along with natural flavors of green onion, garlic, ginger, and onion. It leaves a crisp and savory aftertaste. The sweet and sour Hamgeung Naengmyeon is so chewy that customers can`t put down their chopsticks until they see the bottom of the bowl.

- Telephone : 053-255-4450 
- Address : 13-1 Gyesan-dong 1(il)-ga Jung-gu Daegu
- Closed : Every first and third Sunday 
- Operation Hours : 11:30 ~ 20:30
- Maximum Seating Capacity : 100 
- Parking Facility : Paid Parking Lot

>> Gangsan Myeongok<<

It is a famous Pyeongyang naengmyeon restaurant. The thick meat broth is made of beef leg bone, and it is characterized by the sweet and sour taste from vinegar. 
This place is in the Suseong Branch of Gangsan Myeongok, and the main branch started business in 1958, which is located in the Kyodong Market of Jung-gu. 

- Telephone : 053-762-7621 
- Address : 402-2, Sang-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
- Closed : Closed on holidays 
- Operation Hours : AM12:00 - AM01:00
- Maximum Seating Capacity : 112 
- Parking Facility : 25

3. Kongguksu

Kongguksu is a seasonal Korean noodle dish served in a cold soy milk broth. It comprises noodles made with wheat flour and soup made from ground soybeans.

Recommended Restaurant in Daegu:

>> Chilseong-dong Halmae Kongguksu <<

This restaurant only serves Kongguksu (Noodles in Chilled White Bean Soup) all throughout the four seasons. It had moved to different locations a couple of times but was the first restaurant to sell Kongguksu in Daegu in the past 40 years of life. The bean broth is so thick that it resembles bean porridge. Baby zuchhini shredded and stir-fried in vegetable oil to put as the topping on the soup adds a very flavory taste to the dish.

- Telephone : 053-422-8101 
- Address : 22-38 Chimsan-dong Buk-gu Daegu
- Closed : Every Sunday 
- Operation Hours : 11:00 ~ 18:00
- Maximum Seating Capacity : 80 
- Parking Facility : 15

4. Patbingsu (Sherbet shaved or chilled ice topped with sweet red beans, fruit or ice cream)

Patbingsu or patbingsoo is a very popular snack/dessert in South Korea, especially during the sweltering and humid summer season. It has become a very elaborate summer dessert, often topped with ice cream or frozen yogurt, sweetened condensed milk, fruit syrups, various fruits such as strawberries, kiwifruit, and bananas, small pieces of tteok (rice cake), chewy jelly bits, and cereal flakes.

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