Monday, June 27, 2011

The 2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival

The Committee of ‘Visit Korea Year’ is hosting the ‘2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival

Cover Dance Festival? 

K-POP Cover Dance Festival is an event to celebrate and embrace the current craze for the Korean pop culture. 

In K-POP Cover Dance Festival, teams who pass the first-round of the preliminary online competition will be subject to regional competitions, which will be judged by famous Korean choreographers, musicians, commercial directors, etc. 

Festival Schedule? 

■ Online Competition : June 1, 2011 ~ July 24, 2011
 Local Competition : August ~ September, 2011 in 6 regions 
 Final competition : October 3, 2011 in Gyeongju, Korea 

Regional Preliminary? 

No1_ [Philippines] X Crew dancing to Super Junior

No2_ [China, Taiwan] Soom by Knight

No3_ [Malaysia] LUCIFER

No4_ [Russian Federation] Boom Boom + Bonamana

No5_ [Viet Nam] Mr. Taxi by Girls' Generation


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