Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Smile Korea - Daegu tour story

Last May 3, Korean singer Chae-young Yoo and Afghan entertainer Nezam Fahim showed up in Daegu to broadcast SBS TV program “Smile Korea” which is introducing the beauty and affection of Korea through the domestic tour.

Program opening was shot in the street of youthfulness, Dongsung-ro, Daegu.

There was a shouting “Smile Korea” scene with Daegu citizens and they didn’t make it good at the first time due to shyness, but eventually they did great job after several times of NG signal.

The shooting team headed to the biggest traditional market in Daegu, Seomun Market and visited a restaurant called “MI SUNG DANG” which serves delectable food.

This restaurant is famous for Daegu’s representative food, flat dumplings, rice cake and hot noodles with fried tofu. After shooting, those 3 cast members got through all dishes.

Daegu tour episode of ‘Smile Korea’ was televised on last Thurs May 19 18:30 on SBS channel.

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