Thursday, May 19, 2011

[Sights in Daegu] Top Daegu Shopping Districts

 Top Daegu Shopping Districts 
-Streets of Special Attractions in Daegu-

Dongseongno Street, situated between Daegu Train Station and the Jungang Police Stand, is the busiest street in the city. It is packed with shops of clothes, restaurants, cafes and bars. 

Here's our guide to Daegu's top shopping areas located Dongseongno. 

1. Yasi-golmok Street

Overview : This is a small alley lined with clothing stores. The name derives from the image that this alley attracts many fox-like women. This alley provides unique and trendy clothing at low prices, being brought in directly from Seoul's Dongdaemun or Namdaemun Markets. This alley also features various bars, karaoke bars, and cafes.

Sale Items : Apparel

Business Hours : AM09:00 ~ AM00:00

Store Information : Stores by the street

Restrooms : Varies with Store

Accommodation : N

Parking : Unavailable 

2. Rodeo Street

Overview : Rodeo Street is a street of youth that is lined with various clothing shops, famous restaurants and bars. The street is near the center of downtown and is crowded with young men and women especially at night. There are many people for shopping during the day, on the other hand, the street swarms with young people who enjoy meeting people and drinking during the night. This is a good place to feel an atmosphere of youth in Daegu. 

Sale Items : Apparel, Goods, convenience store, etc.

Business Hours : Varies with store

Store Information : Apparel stores, shoe stores, bars, clubs, restaurants, miscellaneous

Restrooms : Public restrooms unavailable 

Accommodation : movie theater, game arcade

Parking : Separate paid parking lot available

3. Daegu Fashion Jewelry Specialty Zone

Overview : Created in 1970 because of a prominent watchmaker in Kyodong Market, the fashion jewelry specialty zone began to take shape in the early 1980s. Its position was strengthened over the years by placing in a number of jewelry making competitions, and it was subsequently nationally recognized for its exporting achievements.

Sale Items : Jewelry

Business Hours : Varies with stores

Store Information : 

Gaeunsa 053-423-8549 Kang Boseok 053-422-4285 
Kyeongilsa 053-425-7242 Koryesa 053-423-5904 
Gold League 053-426-6635 Gold Money 053-422-8821 
Gold Marine 053-423-1074 Gold Very 053-426-5277 
Gold Brain 053-253-6461 Gold Gem 053-422-5270 
Gold Zone 053-424-0503 Gold Jewelry 053-422-4583 
Gold Core 053-421-5375 Gold Coin 053-255-3235 
Gold Field 053-422-3795 International Jewelry 053-422-8768 
Keumkwang Chain 053-421-5204 Keumkwang Chilbo 053-426-3665 
Keummaek 053-253-0378 Keumseok 053-427-1668 
Keumseong Yanghaeng 053-425-8866 Keumjul 053-425-8242 
Kimhae Chain 053-424-9423 Nanboseok 053-255-6249 
Namseok Boseok Kamjeongwon 053-424-0844

Restrooms : varies with store

Accommodation : Unavailable

Parking : Available

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