Thursday, May 26, 2011

Korea Brand UCC Contest

If you live in Korea now, you definitely gotta participate in two UCC contests.

★ UCC, Photo and essay contest on Korean culture
 for international students studying in Korea ★

- Application period: May 16, 2011-June 30, 2011

- Qulification: open to any international students studying in Korea
  (from elementary to graduate students who are not Korean citizens)

- Registration: online registration at

- Content : Tell us about your experience, including your impression of Korea and its cultural attractions that you want to introduce to others, an unforgettable experience, memorable people and places or any other experience in a creative and unique way.

- Details:
1) UCC :
- Video length : 30 seconds to two minutes (less than 100MB in file size)
- File formats: AVI or WMV with a minimum resolution of 640*480
2) Photo Essay : 12 shots or below
- File formats : hwp or doc file (less than 10MB in file size)
3) Essay about experience of Korean Culture (in Korean)
- File formats : hwp or doc file, font size 13 and line spacing 160%
- The text should not be more than two pages in length (A4 size)

※ Applicants may submit entries in more than one category, but only in each category.

More information at KOCIS homepage :

★ UCC Contest with YouTube - Season.6 "Jeju" 

- Eligibility & Requirements
  : Submission is open to all individuals, regardless of nationality or age.
  : Foreigners get extra points in judging.
  : All contents should be in English (audio/subtitles) and other languages.

- Theme : Season.6 “Jeju”
  : Sending messages to make Jeju selected as one of the new 7 wonders of        
  : Showing the scenic natural beauty of the Island.
  : Introducing Jeju’s historic natural heritage.
※ For more information, please click on the website. (
※ You will not need to go to the island for shooting.

- Deadline
: Submission Period : May. 16 ~ June. 15, 2011
: Transmitting & Screening Period : June. 16 ~ July. 15, 2011
: Announcement & Awards Ceremony :
+ Winners will be individually notified (around mid- July).
+ Winning entries will be open to viewing.

- Format
: No format restriction is placed on the submissions as long as they can be uploaded on YouTube
※ UCC(video clip), flash animation, advertisement, music video, photo slide show etc.
: No duration or size restriction is placed on the submissions as long as they can be uploaded on YouTube

- Award & Prizes
Grand Prize (1 team) : Prize money of ₩5,000,000
Gold Prizes (1 team) : Prize money of ₩3,000,000
Silver Prizes(2 team) : Prize money of ₩1,000,000
Bronze Prizes (3 team) : Prize money of ₩500,000
Runners-up (5 team) : Prize money of ₩300,000
Acknowledgement (1 team) : Prize money of ₩1,000,000 – Selected by judge panel
Special Prize (1 team) : Prize money of ₩1,000,000 – Most viewed entry

Following are the contest winning entries from past seasons.

Season 5: Hangul in the World

마익흘 - Hangul Rap 한글 랩 

Season 4: My G20

Wishing for the New Miracle of the Han river

Season 3: My Vacation in Korea

MV [Seoul Han river] my vacation

Season 2: My Korean Food Recipe

The Fusion Seafood Bibimbap!

Season 1: Digital Life in Korea, Digital Life with Korea 

Super Fast (Digital Life in Korea)

Hurry up to participate!!!

More information at KoreaBrand website. : 

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