Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013 Chickin-Beer International Festival! Awesome line-up of chicken and beer!

Thinking chicken? Then Daegu is the place to be!

In the heat of summer, cool off at the 'International Chicken-Beer Festival'!

Daegu is the hometown of fried or roast chicken, because Korea's largest chicken brands such as Mexicana, Pericana, Cheogatjip and etc all took their first step to success in Daegu.

With this in mind, Daegu, in hopes of reviving and promoting chicken businesses, is holding a festival for one of Korea's favorite combo chicken and beer. The festival has been held annually since 2010.

This year, the festival will be sponsored by the city of Quingdao in China, a place known for its annual Beer Festival. It will be a historic event where the combination of the Quingdao beer festival and Daegu's chicken will create an event like no other.

Get ready for the chicken beer party in Daegu, the city of festivals.

When? July 18th ~ 21st

Where? Dooryu Park Stadium!

Already, approximate 50 industry companies and 150 promotion booths have been booked!

Heat of Summer! Cool off at the Chicken Beer Festival!

A festival held only in Daegu. :)


Festival Information

ㅇ Festival: 2013 International Chicken Beer Festival

ㅇ Dates: 2013 7.18(Thurs)~7.21(Sun)
ㅇ Location: Dooryu Park Stadium
ㅇ Size: 50 Companies, 150 Booths
ㅇ Content:
   - Chicken companies, Beer companies, beverage companies exhibit
   - Regional foods and relevant businesses exhibit
   - Culture/Arts performances, experience events, taste testing, events etc.

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