Friday, December 16, 2011

Taste this Fusion Dish, Spicy-sweet Blowfish Bulgogi of Daegu

Miseong Blowfish Bulgogi Restaurant

Address :12-7, Sang-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
Phone :82-53-767-8877Hours :09:00 am ~ midnight / Holidays: Closed on Chuseok Day and New Year’s Day
Seats :312
Parking :50

This unique food first appeared in Daegu more than 20 years ago. The boned flesh of blowfish is fried in a manner that closely resembles the way ordinary beef bulgogi is enjoyed, except for the spicy-sweet sauce and bean stalks.

The food goes well as a sub dish for liquor and people here usually makes fried rice with the remaining sauce when they finished the flesh. Most of the blowfish restaurants in the city offer this dish as it suits the taste of the citizens who are fond of the hot flavor. The bean stalk in it, also, is of a narrower kind than the usual ones.

To add variety to this dish it can be eaten with jjolmyeon or instant noodles. Served in most blowfish restaurants in Daegu, the tender and spicy taste is perfect for people hailing from Daegu.

Add rice to the leftover seasoning to make fried rice later please!


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