Sunday, December 11, 2011

Daegu Travel News

Daegu livens up with tree lights

The city of Daegu is welcoming the New Year by simultaneously lighting up 12 landmark sites that include the National Debt Repayment Movement Park.

Daegu City said the city’s landscape will be adorned with even more lights this year to symbolize the greater hopes and dreams that await in the New Year, following its significant accomplishments in 2011, such as the successful hosting of the IAAF World Championships, its designation as home to Korea’s neuroscience research center, and the rights being secured to establish the 2nd aerospace training center.

Residents can enjoy colorful lights strewn across 12 designated sites, which include the National Debt Repayment Movement Park, the 2.28 Memorial Central Park, Dongsong-ro, the Joongang-ro public transportation district, the Nam Gucheong Negeori (crossway), the Jukjeon Negeori (crossway), and the Manpyeong Negeori (crossway).

The areas sparkling with lights are expected to create a more vibrant and enjoyable environment where families, lovers, and people of all ages can make unforgettable memories.

The tree lights will be decorating the city of Daegu from Nov. 30 to the end of January.

< Left : National Debt Repayment Movement Park>                       
< Right : Dongsong-ro (in front of Daegu Department Store)>

< Left : Dalgubeoldaero (Suseong Bridge~Banwoldang)>
< Right : Dalgubeoldaero (Manchon Negeori~Beomuh Negeori)>

Hangzhou medical tourists flock to Daegu

Daegu welcomed 11 tourists from Hangzhou, China, on Nov. 26, to take part in a medical tour program. The visitors were in town until Dec. 3 to learn more about the local plastic surgery market and tour the city and its surrounding cities.

The Medical Tourism Economic Development Council, Daegu City, and Gyeongsangbuk-Do Province invited a total of 15 people from Zhejiang’s medical tourism agencies and news reporters, from Sept. 5 to 9, to experience the region’s “excellent” medical technologies. According to Daegu City, the local and regional governments had made several visits to China to promote the excellence of Daegu’s medical technologies and cultural tourist attractions.

Daegu City said the latest development is significant in that it marks the establishment of a regular industry that will bring in a steady flow of medical tourists from China. It added that this was possible because of the Zhejiang travel agency, which specializes in Daegu’s medical tourism packages in China.



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