Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Daegu Safety Theme Park

By keeping a 2.18 Daegu subway tragic arson attack as a lesson in our mind, this citizens' safety theme park is for citizens' safety education and safety culture to make citizens feel the importance of safety through experience education.

Location : 89-13 Yongsu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu (Inside of Donghwa complex of Palgon Mt.)
Area : Site 14,469, Total building area 5,843.3, 2/1F
Main facilities : Site 14,469, 2/1F
- Underground 1F: 3D theater (Future safety theater 20 seats), Multi-purpose room(100 seats)
- Ground 1F: Orientation hall, Subway safety exhibition hall(4D video) Future disaster prevention hall, etc.
- Ground mid-2F : Subway safety exhibition hall (Experience of escaping from smoke)
- Ground 2F : Subway safety exhibition hall (VR,etc.), Living safety exhibition hall, rest room, observatory, etc.
Daegu Citizens' Safety Theme Park LOGO : Two people are holding a shape of heart which is a symbol of Daegu Citizens'
     Safety Theme Park
- Purple means human respect and valuable life, and green means the image of beautiful nature
※ Daegu becomes a model of safe city.
City safety is realized when the city is transformed into the space of living where safety, health and comfort is emphasized rather than the space of production where emphasizing efficiency and convenience. We hope that you can find the future of Daegu, a disaster prevention city by learning that the safety of citizen is the value of life, and disaster prevention knowledge through experiences from Daegu Citizens' Safety Theme Park.

Entrance fees
- Free
Opening hours
- 09:00 ~ 18:00



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